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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Lr.No.JAC/2012-13/19                                                                                                                                    Date: 12-02-2013
All the JNVs
Dear friends
It is to inform all the members of staff of NVS that the AINVSA led by Sh.J.Rai/LB.Reddy and Sh.JK Singh and some other members of JAC reported to MHRD, Sasthri Bhavan, New Delhi on 11.02.2013 in the afternoon, on being invited by the additional secretary(SE). It is regretted to inform that as intimated, Ms Vrinda Sarup AS(SE) was not available for discussions during yester day’s meeting. No minutes were recorded on 11.02.2013. We were humiliated at the meeting. No commitment for the solving of outstanding issues was exhibited on part of the NVS/Ministry of HRD. The minutes recorded on 09.02.2013 are also not clear and the message given by NVS/MHRD is that they are not serious in solving our issues. Under these circumstances, we have decided to go ahead and continue with indefinite strike, till our outstanding problems/issues are amicably solved.
In the same context we inform that NVS management will resort to all types of vindictive actions including threats of suspension/show cause notices etc. we shall face the threats bravely and unitedly. Some splinter groups of so called associations are spreading wild rumors that the strike is called off. We request all the striking employees not to believe the rumors and be united in our struggle.
The following activities may please be carried out at respective JNVs for the consolidation of our indefinite strike.
  1. Erect pandals /tents in front of JNVs and raise slogans, holding placards of our demands.
  2. Stage dharna / protest in front of the district collector/DM offices including respective families of staff
  3. Call on the respective members of parliament and get letters addressed to the Hon’ble minister for finance, Govt. of India , on our demands(Copy of memorandum is available in the web site)
  4. Stage dharnas /protest bending on knees, and other strange and creative methods
  5. Try to discover as many new methods of recent as possible and the make the programme success. Above information is only illustrative and not exhaustive.

Yours sincerely
L.B. Reddy           Jagdish rai    J.K.Singh  

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