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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


                           Good New  for the NEW YEAR 2015

A male warden would be sanctioned to every jnvs as per the information received from reliable sources. They would assist the HMs like those of as in Sanik Schools.

Lets wait for more such staff welfare measures news in the forth coming NEW YEAR 2015


              Ring out the old, Ring in the New.

UNIFICATION OF SPOUSES need to be done before posting new Recruits 2014

SPOUSE-CASE Transfers ought to be done by NVS PRIOR TO Posting New Recruits

NVS should asked the spouses of their willing place of posting prior to filling those places with new recruitments. SPOUSE CASES should be given the same priority as posting from North East Regions, as the spouses play a pivotal role in imparting education to JNV children/Students. They should not be lingered from posting unnecessarily, as they would teach the students with much devotion if both of them are posted in the same place. Charity begins at home. If they are happy, they would give more to the JNV students. NVS SHOULD GIVE PRIORITY TO SPOUSE CASE TRANSFERS AND ASK FOR THEIR WILLING PLACE OF POSTING PROMPTLY, NVS OFFICIALS SHOULD EXPEDITE THIS TASK BEFORE ANY TRANSFERS MADE OR NEW RECRUITS POSTED. - FROM ALL SPOUSES WAITING FOR UNIFICATION


AINVSA strives for Unity by organising whats app groups.


ALL 8 Region groups are being formed by naming it as AINVSA PUNE REGION, AINVSA BHOPAL REGION AINVSA HYDERABAD REGION etc, . WHATS APP GROUPS.  Only 100 members would be there in each Region’s WHATS APP Group.

This 100 members would form their own Vidyalaya Units Whats app groups such as AINVSA SURAT, AINVSA BHARUCH etc naming the Vidyalaya at the end. They should pass on  or share the information, news, etc  to their colleagues by whats app.
Here unlike other groups there would not be sharing of jokes, videos or pictures. No member should upload such things or the administrator would remove them from the group.

Only JNVs, AINVSA, CENTRAL GOVT Rules, 7TH PAY COMM related materials shares. The administrator would fix the time for chat and posts. For instance 2 pm to3 pm and 9 pm to 10 pm  decided by AINVSA PUNE REGION group.

In AINVSA PUNE REGION more than 65 members have already  joined. The members should send or suggest their friends whats app number to S.S.NAIR the admn of AINVSA PUNE REGION immediately. With details  1. NAME, 2 POST, 3 NAME OF JNV.

Other regions who want to share their Vidyalaya issues , give suggestions and get latest updates should immediately send the aforesaid details to S.S.NAIR   8511264993, as well. All 8 Regions’ whats app group are being formed. Limited  members. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS

   JOIN TODAY BEFORE YOU ARE LEFT OUT.   SEND REQUESTS today itself to 8511264993 by ur smart phone 'whats app mobile number'

1.       their whats app number and
2.       one friend’s  whats app number of neighbouring Vidyalaya
                                                                                                   would be given priority.


Monday, December 15, 2014

PESION SCHEME TO NVS asked in Rajya Sabha

ANSWERED ON  08.12.2014
Pension scheme in NVS
Shri Arvind Kumar Singh
Will the Minister of HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT be pleased to satate :-
(a) whether Government is aware of the fact that the retired teachers and officials of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS) are leading a precarious life after retirement, as the provision for pension was not available to the employees who joined before 2004, prior to introduction of New Pensions Scheme;

(b) whether Government is planning to provide pensions to such retired teachers and officials;

(c) if so, by when such pension would be disbursed and the details thereof; and

(d) if not, the reasons therefor?

(a) to (d) The employees of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti had
 been given the benefit of Contributory Provident Fund (CPF)
 scheme since its inception. Subsequently, the Government
 had approved introduction of New Pension Scheme (NPS) for
 all regular employees of the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS)
joining on or after 01.04.2009. However, those employees who
 joined NVS on regular basis before 01.04.2009 were given
 the option vide NVS’s notification dated 04.08.2009 either
 to continue with the existing Contributory Provident Fund
(CPF) scheme or to join the New Pension Scheme. This option
was to be exercised latest by 03.11.2009. Thus, the Government
 has already provided post retirement benefits of either CPF
Scheme or NPS to the employees of NVS including teaching
and non-teaching staff.


ALL Central Executive Members  (C.E.C) of AINVSA   to call upon an Urgent Central Meeting to help T.P.Mani

Its been decided by almost all CEC Members  that an urgent  meeting at one place is the need of the hour... Hence the office bearers at the Central Executive body of AINVSA, all senior members  affiliated to AINVSA by one way or the other should convene a meeting.

Please give your suggestions for the Venue and Date of the Meeting.  Any takers? Volunteers to sponsor and organise the said meeting  would be appreciated. pls mail your response to

                                                                                           --- FOR & ON BEHALF OFAINVSA  CEC

Friday, November 28, 2014


             STAFF OPINION Asked in Ammending Transfer Policy of 2012

AINVSA appreciates and wholly acknowledges; kudos to NVS for its new draft of Transfer Policy 2014.

Thanks for making it come down to 5 years  in case of Request Transfers and some new staff welfare measures in the ammended said Policy.


 Dear Friends /JNV employees

Write your suggestion for ammendments in the New Transfer Policy Draft  uploaded by NVS , in the Headquarter website. Some guidelines of the suggestions as received from different ends can be seen in the former blog write ups.
SUGGESTION1 and SUGGESTION 2 given under, but put it  in a tabular form

Please send by email, fax or speed post from your Vidyalaya, GET IT FORWARDED BY YOUR PRNCIPAL  to RO for onward transmission to NVS Hqrs as invited by NVS. Last date being 30 Nov,2014 please hurry up !

Write as per PROFORMA uploaded in  NVS website in a letter format through Proper channel, especially justifying the points and quoting the Clause for it.



  OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS THE DOORS ONLY ONCE                                                                                            


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Objection, addition/ deletion in clauses of New Revised Draft Transfer Policy SAMPLE of SPOUSE CASE Received

Suggestion 1.


UNDER  2. Guiding/ Basic Principles


Modification of (t)  i)   Request Transfer on Spouse ground:     



                                                to insert clauses  f, g, h after clause (e)      


f) Vacancy position should be displayed by the Samiti in the website. Couples desiring  posting  under Unification of Spouses category , orders  ought to be  straightway  issued  for filling up of thoseVacancies, prior to transfer of employees in other categories., and after filling up of vacancies by those returning from NER & Hard & Very Hard stations. This Spouse category of  employees  are  not  required  to participate in further counselling process., just like those for North East( NER) & Hard & Very Hard stations, category.


 g)They should not be waiting till the commencement of online counselling session, but unification of spouses should be and could be done anytime of the year.


   h) Vacancies,if not should be created by invoking the displacement count, especially if the present employee in that place , where either of the spouse desires,  has served therein for more than 10 years


Justication:  1.Spouse got married recently  need not wait for one year for unification                                         

                      2. Their vacancy would be blocked by other categories., if not done prior to  

                      3. They can work  more dedicatedly , lead a normal family life,and have more job  

                        4.Vacant posts need not lie vacant till online counselling , it should  not be affecting students’ studies.




Suggestion 2



Insert  e) To unify the spouse in NVS/JNV, under d of 6. ADMINISTRATIVE TRANSFER OF EMPLOYEES


                  Justification: The objectives of 'Administrative transfer' and 'Displacement' ,should be the same, i.e  the  paras showing the objectives or rather  the clauses should be the same ( ibid 11 A. 3)


Congrats NVS friends, NVS revised the TRANSFER POLICY, last date for suggestion 30 Nov,2014

Open NVS Headquarters website for the latest update on 13/11/2014

Transfer Policy Revised,  see the draft by clicking the link below.

 Some major changes
*5 Years Normal tenure for Request, but 10 years for Displacement
*  Online counselling process

Monday, November 10, 2014

Staff Welfare Measures by AINVSA

  Dear All,

 Despite HRD Ministry's direction to amend the existing Transfer Policy , by inclusion of Staff opinion and a policy having more transparency, NVS is adamant of making Administrative Transfers and Public Interest Transfers intermittently.

A) Consolidated list of Administrative Transfers in all eight regions

AINVSA takes this venture to consolidate a list of recent administrative transfers/public interest transfers done through out all the 08 Regions, and represent in this regard to the concerned grievance cells and departments. Kindly send  details in this connection such as database in excel sheet  indicating your name, designation, last posting/parent place, present posting or place of admin/public interest transfer, date of joining this new place or if not joined how and where represented etc to Shri TPMani by email (Email id, promptly., with a c.c to
Administrative transfers should not be done in the mid-session, as it disturbs the academics /studies of the students. The administrative transfers or public interest transfers, if any, done in good faith and bonafide reasons, should have been substantiated with Spouse Categories. The paras in Transfer policy on administrative grounds envisages that the administrative transfers should be done to those not conducive to the Vidyalaya atmosphere, after the conclusion of disciplinary proceedings, and should have been reported by the end of March of that academic year.

B) Spouse- case  list , wishing Request Transfers

 Its found that some vidyalayas have vacant posts of both the spouses. NVS should not feel hesitant in giving transfers to the spouses seeking it  in respect of  the Unification of Spouse circulars, in line with  all the Central,Autonomous, Statutory bodies etc, in compliance to the Personal Ministry circulars to all the Ministries and departments. The spouses could be and should be transferred at any time of the year to make them lead a normal family life, and supporting NVS in filling those vacancies. NVS should adhere to amicable solution such as displacing those who have crossed more than 10 years, in order to set those spouses., to avoid more and more CAT and High Court cases.
On the contrary sending those spouses who have knocked the doors of CAT  to North east region defies the principles of natural justice., as North east region has been declared as Hard station by NVS and all Central Govt departments. 

Kindly send the names of both the spouses, designation and name of jnvs where working and where desiring to get posted; provided both the posts are vacant or likely to be vacant clearly mentioning the same at the earliest to Shri TP Mani , by email with a c.c to, the office bearers of AINVSA in their respective Regions, SEC AINVSA office bearers of State etc.
C)Mutual case Transfers aspirants and those advocating Counselling camps should write the same to AINVSA
AINVSA invites those desiring Mutual transfers to write to the aforesaid email ids, quoting the details of places to be exchanged  and willing  person's details,  for future representations in this regard. AINVSA appeals NVS to resume Mutual Request Transfers and Counselling Camps for Request transfers unconditionally and expeditiously, for staff welfare


LONG LIVE AINVSA !                                                                                LONG LIVE T.P.MANI !

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

M.I.S Software is a continuous process

        Employees Appeals to NVS not to be too harsh on the completion of MIS

M.I.S software has been unnecessarily made comprehensive and volumnous by NVS. The HRD Ministry' s proformae should be adhered to suggests almost all the employees. Morever, it has been forced to fill up by the teachers, in JNVs during Summative exams  SA1 or during commencement of Winter break, thus deliberately harassing the vacational staff, even threatening of not giving proper headquarter leave has been conveyed in writing to the employees at the eleventh hour, shows how traditional and orthodox , stubborn is the mindset  though the infrastructure and gadgets, softwares are introduced in NVS in line with the elite Public schools. 

The database couldnt be complete in toto, or achieve total completion as it demands continuous updation on the part of the employees., the teachers are made mere clerks and  their teaching part would affect adversely if such volumnous database is asked now and then. The FCSA , PGT Computer Science and the Office Staff should deal with this, instead of throwing the ball in teachers' court. The students were harrased and time wasted during SA 1 by the teachers in asking them their data and forcing them to give their family details etc during exams as the circular was passed onto the employees at the last moment , of SA 1 or Commencement of  Winter break.

The employees have filled the essential database of their own and the students, complied to the immediate superiors directive, but to expect a fool proof completion is an utopia .NVS should either shorten the database, or give more time to the employees on reopening of the Vidyalayas after Winter breaks.

The software already existing in NVS years back , should be activated soon instead of sticking to the completion of database 

                                                                           -   JNV Employees ,especially the teaching fraternity

Friday, September 5, 2014

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Representation sent by the National Deputy Gen.Secretary of AINVSA CEC to the Secretary HRD Ministry.

        Ref. No: AINVSA/CEC/2014/ DGS/10                                    Date:-23/08/2014

The Secretary
Dept of School Education and Literacy
Ministry of Human Resource Development
New Delhi PIN: 110001

Sub:  No transparency in administrative transfers and Public interest transfers done recently, by  Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti ( NVS).

Sir/ Ma’am
Your excellency may be disappointed to know that the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti  has recently resorted to Mass Administrative and Public interest transfers  merely to subjugate the staff at this juncture when the employees are asking for Recognition of their ages- old Staff Association AINVSA ( All India Navodaya Vidyalaya Staff Association). Unlike Kendriya Vidyalayas ,there is no redressal grievance mechanism in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas such as Joint Consultative Machinery ( JCM); on the contrary no recognition given  to any staff association, so far.

No opportunity of being heard , been given to these employees who have been issued Transfer Orders on Administrative grounds recently in Hyderabad, Pune Region etc.

We concede that admininstrative transfers should be done, but done with transparency. Administrative Transfers orders issued by Navodaya Vidlyalaya Samiti does not reflect any transparency. Only on the feedback, allegations of the Principals, the Administrative transfer list is prepared. There is no genuine inquiry of the allegations of the Principals. Inquiry is not been done without any fear or favour.

NVS should examine the adequacy of the penalty imposed by resorting to administrative transfers to these employees relying only on the base of some written statements and annexures of soley the Principal., the tranferred employee’s immediate superior.

The Academic performance of the employees, past exam–result of the students taught by him, his professional achievement, School development contribution -backgound, service records invariably be referred before implementing such administrative transfers.

Its obvious and not uncommon that the office bearers of Staff Asscociation who act as a mediator and  find  amicable solutions to Staff grievances, would have some conflicts with the Principals or the NVS officials. Nevertheless, this should not be considered as an opportunity to issue Administrative Transfers to such designatory  as the President of the Central Executive Committee of Staff Associations.

Recent administrative transfer  of Sh. T.P Mani, our President of ‘All India Navodaya Vidyalaya Staff Association’  ( A.I.N.V.S.A) is wholly unjustified and unfounded. Its apparent that just because he  has had been  raising his voice for us , had been tranferred in the past  and is being tranferred recently. Kindly direct the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti Headquarters to quash his Administrative Transfer order with immediate effect, and an impartial inquiry be conducted prior to such Transfers., at large.

We, the employees of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and AINVSA Association humbly beg Your Excellency to look into the matter, and `issue directions to Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti to reconsider these recent Administrative transfers ordered to the employees of NVS based only on his/her rapport with the Principal, and these orders having no transparency …

    Thanking you
   Yours faithfully
    Deputy Gen. Secy. AINVSA CEC

                                  -On behalf of JNV Employees and AINVSA office bearers

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

URGENT MESSAGE: Please dont spread the Rumour i.r.o Supreme Court Pension Case Judgement

                                        ATTENTION PLEASE

The Union of India as Respondent has  given their written submission to the Supreme Court. They have pleaded with various contentions and arguments that the case for Pension GOI to NVS employees is liable to be dismissed.

The copy in circulation is not any Supreme Court Judgement as disseminated and spread by many. Please dont spread such rumours...and kindly  don't misinterpret the Soft copy passed on ...when it reaches you

 However, if there is any  averments , documents, or counter arguments that you think would help on  referring  the aforesaid copy, please send immediately to

                                             -    AINVSA             For STAFF WELFARE.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


                                          AINVSA CEC OFFICE BEARERS

Its the request of a few Office bearers of AINVSA CEC that the other office bearers of CEC are just dormant and inactive. Consequent upon , and in this behalf it is once again requested to all the below mentioned CEC Executive members of AINVSA to take up the matter of the transfer of Shri TP Mani on sympathetic level and grave concern.

They will be accountable to the queries of their work at this hour of need., in the next CEC Meeting of AINVSA and the office bearers reshuffled .

Priority of work : a) Transfer of Shri TP Mani
b)   Recognition of AINVSA(Registration and Authorisation letter campaign of AINVSA Membership)

No work, no post in AINVSA. No blame game!

                      Hurry up and contact each other at the earliest and chalk out things before its too late. Suggestions and Next Action plan could be sent to the blogger to publish in this blog through the email id

Saturday, August 16, 2014


              Our AINVSA  National President  Sh. T.P. Mani is transferred on Administrative ground

All office bearers in other Unions and Association in all other departments get Privileges and Special exemption from some disciplinary proceedings, due to their laison with the administration. They have immunity from civil,departmental and criminal liabilities to a certain extent. But NVS seems to take only  a little conflict of the Union Leader with the immediate superior ie Prinicipal, serious enough to transfer an office bearer such as the Founder of a  large following unique Association  AINVSA

If you too believe that this is unjustified and against the decorum of Service Associations, then please send your regrets and protest to Our Commissioner , J.C., Personal, J.C,
Administration, and D.C of Hyd, immediately  by modifying the Representation Format to be sent to HRD Ministry uploaded in this blog.

The office bearers of AINVSA are requested to take up this matter seriously on a war-footing level, a report of their role would be asked latter by AINVSA.

Copy of their letters , email, fax sent in this regard, would be asked eventually in subsequent AINVSA CEC Meeting,to all the office bearers for sustaining their executive membership. .

SOME HELP LINE  Nos , email ids for those On  Administrative Transfers, and those who want to raise a voice against the transfer of our LEADER  Shri T.P.Mani .

Department of school education and literacy

2.Fax No of  Hon’ble Smruti Irani

Fax  (011)23382365 (Fax) or (011)23782028

 Telephone  (011)23782698  OR   (011)23782387,

Additional Secretary, Elementary Education

4.  Email id of  The Commissioner, NVS

5. AC Estt (III)  Hqrs    Shri D.C. Verma  

 email id