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Friday, January 22, 2016

Counselling Camp at JNV Ratibad,Bhopal Region preferable to smoothen Transfer matters.

       OPINION OF AINVSA CEC Members and Transferable Employees

 Dear All Navodaya Staff

The office bearers, especially C.E.C members of AINVSA have opined that Counselling Camp for all employees getting Transfers should be held at a Central Place for smoothening  TRANSFER matters in addition to the Online transfer Counts, Form filling, Software  etc tasks taken up by NVS for this purpose

 AINVSA opines that the NVS should direct the employee to bring the hard copy generated after counting the Transfer Counts countersigned by the JNV Prinicpal at one Centre Place. The persons should be called up,  in separate rooms  as per the Hiearchy, Priority Lists  and Exemption allocated for that matter by NVS  in the recent Transfer Circulars of Headquarter .

This would ease the matter as Spot vacancies would be created due to materialisation of Request Transfers on priority base. The coveted vacancy should be filled as per the Transfer Counts or Priority allocated for the same, by checking the Employee data in the software. In other words,the Software soft copy should be available at the Counselling Camp so that the Transfer Counts could be verified on the spot, for that matter, and the new vacany created by the employee getting Transfers should also be filled up, giving the same priority.
There has been opinions from the Deemed vacancy listed employees, as well, that Counselling camp should be done , later for them also, and a chance to be given to those vacant places created on account of request transfers materialised, and all category prior to them given their desired place.

Vote your opinions on the right side of this blog.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Be a member of a JNV & NVS 08 REGIONS groups with limited & useful Posts only

Dear Jnv Employees

Whats app group of JNVs have become active and are sharing all imp circulars and rules. Keep it up  the admins of all those groups are appreciated. However, there are some groups by the admin S.S.NAIR, of 08 Regions of NVS, which solely discuss Navodaya Vidyalaya Matters and   Central Govt rules or just  related to it.

There is no upload of any thoughts, jokes or simply forwarded posts of other groups. We have a Code of Conduct of that Whats app group., which everyone has to  follow and if not adhered to are removed without notice. The members are either victims or rebels. They are supposed to keep the confidentiality of the group if required.

If you want get yourself added to this group kindly send your details:  Name, Post, Name of Jnv and Region to  the whats app no  7572884669, with a request. " I want to be a member of your AINVSA Whats app group. I will follow the rules of the group" by whats app


Saturday, January 16, 2016

AINVSA appeals NVS to arrange Confidentiality of Request Transfer Forms till the date of Proposed List

AINVSA's & The BLOGGER's DISCLAIMER for JNVs /Alumni/NVS employee writing to M.Ps and other Ministers or dignitaries

                                              LEGAL DISCLAIMER

This is to declare that the JNVs or the Alumnae approaching the MPs and other dignitaries should maintain the necessary protocols and decorum as required . The wordings of the letters , the salutations and office protocols, etiquettes should be sustained.

Kindly refer Point No 21 of  and adhere to the instructions  therein.

AINVSA, or this  blogger, or for that matter any office bearer of AINVSA other than the  defaulter  would not be in anyway accountable for any contravention thereof.

The  hyper link for the Proforma to be handed over to the MP for pension ,mutatis mutandis, to be written by him is as below.

 But the covering letter should be written by the Alumni, and the JNV employees, Principal or the Unit Secretary of AINVSA should only accompany the Alumni.

Let the Alumni take the lead this time to approach the statesmen,  take political succour or persuading the MPs to write to the concerned Cabinet Ministers or P.M,FM,HRD Ministers etc .

 AINVSA only to take the backseat.

                                                               -  A.I.N.V.S.A (C.E.C)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The display of Transfer Counts and tranparency expected from NVS in the Transfer List of 2016

AINVSA appeals NVS to be transparent regarding the request transfers to be executed in the year 2016 , by displaying on the the database, as it had done during vacancy. Hats off to NVS for displaying the deemed and actual vacancy posts of all Regions, before filling the Request Transfer Forms, this year. And secondly ready to execute the displacement policy, as already mentioned in the Transfer policy,. necessary for waiting employees needing it desperately for their   survival and existence  in JNVs

And now AINVSA should also take pains in allotment of Transfers and the reasons for not giving their choice place , if they deserved and were entitled for it.. Unless and until there is no genuine reasons, the transfer aspirants should get their first choice place. If the second or third place is allotted to them , if entitled for transfers, then the reasons for not  them the first choice place should be clearly mentioned against their data column of the Tentative list when declared.


Monday, January 4, 2016


Ref. No- AINVSA/2016/ DGS02                                                                     Dated 02/01/2016


Principals  of

All JNVs


Please find enclosed herewith the Proforma to be written by M.P s  of your areas and to be sent to the Honble Prime Minister of India

Kindly arrange an appointment with the MP, along with the Alumni and Staff of your Jnv., convince and persuade him to raise this issue in the next session of the Parliament.

The enclosed leter-proforma is to be typed on the letter head of the Member of Parliament,  by the MP.

Some of the Vidyalayas have already begun this movement along with the alumni on ALUMNI MEET…..

Your cooperation is highly solicited to initiate this venture to keep our Struggle for Old Pension GOI 1972 Scheme  in continuity ….for the benefit of all Navodaya staff.

                                      LONG LIVE AINVSA

Yours faithfully

        S.S.NAIR                                                                                               T. P. MANI

(National Dy Gen Secy, AINVSA  )                                              (National President AINVSA)

 JNV Surat, Gujarat                                                               JNV Kottarakkara, ETC PO.  Kollam-                                                               
                                                                                                      Kerala- 691531



The Hon’ble Prime Minister

Government of India

South Block,New Delhi -110001


Respected Sir,


                Hope this letter finds you well. I am writing this in respect of Jawahar Navodaya  Vidyalayas (JNV) which come under Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, an autonomous organisation under the Ministry of Human Resource  Development are co-educational schools. JNVs established during 1985 with the aim of providing quality education to talented students, are consistently topping the result among all the CBSE affiliated schools systems in the country for over a decade now.


                This is the only educational institutions where the teachers, who also work as House Masters, remain on duty round the clock in the Vidyalayas which are located mostly   in rural areas. NVS is having around 20,000 employees out of which 12,000 employees have joined prior to 01-



                Organisations like KVS, CTSA,NCERT,NIOS et, who have far better working conditions have been bestowed with GPF-cum-Pension scheme, whereas, the employees of Navodaya Vidyalayas are deprived of the same even though they excel from the most difficult working conditions in the rural areas.

                It is hereby learnt that the 154th and 184th Parliamentary Committee   and also the Review Committee set up by MHRD in 2002, strongly recommended grant of GPF-cum-Pension Scheme to the employees of NVS.


I would earnestly urge upon you to kindly consider proving GPF-cum-Pension Scheme to those employees of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti who joined prior to 01-01-2004, which is their long outstanding genuine demand.


With kind regards,


                                                                                                                                         Yours sincerely,

                                                                                                                                (  NAME OF MP IN CAPITALS  )