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Thursday, July 30, 2015

An APPEAL to NVS Hqrs to have soft corners to the deserving Candidates for Request Transfers

                                              An Appeal to NVS offficials

a) Spouse Case transfers to be given priority
The Spouses who have ardently applied for Request Transfers to a place where both the posts are vacant should invariably get the place of posting. Spouses should be transferred to a places where both the posts are created in any new established Vidyalaya.
NVS should have soft corners to those employees and try to unify them at the earliest in pursuance of the Relaxation of Transfer Policy , and Request Transfer Orders which are being issued recently and directions given to Regional offices by NVS Hqrs to that effect.  Some of the new created posts should also be filled by these deserving candidates who have a clean chit record and are sincere teachers, as spouses. They would be able to contribute more and more when they are united.
NVS ought not generalise and  have retribution towards them based on a few bitter experiences of  some erring spouses serving in NVS.
b) Medical cases cant wait: authentic cases to be given transfer orders 
Secondly Medical cases should also be  given relaxation of Transfer Policy 2012 and Request Transfers orders issued, preferably at the earliest at the beginning of the Academic year itself, in the interest of the students
                                                                                    -  AINVSA for Staff Welfare

REQUEST TRANSFER LIST Issued from different Regions for the year 2015-16

Request Transfer List 2015-16 by NVS Headquarter declared


NVS EMPLOYEES QUESTIONS:  Why it has not been put in NVS Hqrs website? and what are the relaxations made? What was the criterion for giving the Request Transfers?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Is the Transfer Policy 2012 Ammendment not yet approved by HRD Ministry?

The new academic year has begun. Still there is no news of the Request transfer list. The Ammended Policy should have got accorded approval by the HRD Ministry. It does nt take such a long time, or is it that the draft has not been sent , in the first case,so far? questions all the Transfer aspirants. Is Samiti deliberately dillaying for filling those posts by one more direct recruitments ?

The employees grieved over Samiti not taking initiative for staff welfare as giving Transfers in the commencement of the year itself, on the contrary waiting till the end of the academic year.

Transfers should be operative by July or at the most August 2015 for those who have  filled the forms in 2015 and not dillayed till 2016 by the alibi of not disturbing academic. The academic would undoubtedly not disturbed if all the TRANSFERS are materialised in the beginning of the Academic session itself.


Friday, July 3, 2015


What about Compensatory benefits  and RELIEF measures by NVS or State administration  to those affected with JNV AMRELI Floods, asks the employees of Gujarat.

JNVs mostly in low level lands, under Waste Land Development Projects of the States. 

JNVs should get good lands, only after survey and not accept lands with canals flowing in it , or at low levels, where rivers or seas are nearby.,

State cant afford to give 30 or 50 acres of land free of costs. Hence NVS should demand only 15 acres of land for JNVs but located at a safer zone.

There should be easy access to stair cases in every dorms and quarters.  HMs should also have access directly to staircase through his quarter.

New JNV  sites should be selected after much survey and contemplating about the safety of students

Much casualties would have occurred, if happened after school reopening. NVS should not play with the lives of kids.

                           BETTER LATE THAN NEVER

We should be PROACTIVE rather than only REACTIVE.

--  JNV staff of Gujarat


Saturday, June 27, 2015

AINVSA's letter to Akhil Bharatiya Rashtriya Shikshak Mahasang (ABRSM)

Ref. No- AINVSA/CEC/ 2015/ 0018                                               Dated 22/06/2015

The General Secretary

ABRSM, New Delhi.

Sub: reccognisation of All India Navodaya Vidyalaya  Staff Association  (AINVSA)  regarding.

Respected Sir,

All India Navodaya Vidyalaya Staff Association (AINVSA) is affiliated to ABRSM. Ever since its affiliation in 1998, we have been working in close association with ABRSM, we could not renew the affiliation after 2009.

Presently, Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti ( NVS ) authorities have agreed to grant recognition to AINVSA. However, some persons who had been expelled from AINVSA, are trying to create a parallel group with the same name and registration number, with the help of CPI (M) leaders. Some NVS officers are promoting this fake group and are trying to grant recognition to this faction. (Fake AINVSA). They are illegally collecting working capital and membership. Their activities will never be helpful to the employees. All original documents like Registration certificate, Renewal certificates etc. are with us. The copies of the same are enclosed here with.

   At this instance, it is my sincere request to your good self, to intervene in the matter. It will be greatly advantageous if ABRSM tries to convince the honorable HRD Minister about the matter and take initiative to grand recognition to the Registered AINVSA at the earliest. At the same time it has become imperative to prevent the growth of the illegal faction under the CPI (M).

We will pay the entire unpaid affiliation fee at the earliest. As my health condition is very poor and am not able to undertake a long journey, I am directing Mr. Yogendra Sharma, the Working President of the Association to personally meet you and talk in detail.

Looking forward to receiving all help, guidance and co-operation from you end.


       Yours sincerely,


          T.P. Mani

                                                                       (National President of AINVSA)

    JNV Kottarakkara, ETC PO.

                                                                      Kollam District, Kerala- 691531.


TO HRD Minister about Recognition to the real AINVSA; already affiliated to ABRSM in 1998

Ref. No- AINVSA/CEC/ 2015/ 0017                                                 Dated 22/06/2015


The Hon’ble Minister

Minister of Human Resource Development

Govt. of India

Sastri  Bhavan, New Delhi- 1.


Sub: reccognisation of All India Navodaya Vidyalaya  Staff Association  (AINVSA)  regarding.

Respected Madam,

All India Navodaya Vidyalaya  Staff Association  (AINVSA) is a legitimately registered service Association currently existing under Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti. Our Association has been working under the umbrella of BJP’S union Akhil Bharathiy Rashtriy Shyshik Mahasng ABRSM after having affiliated to it in 1998.

I would like to bring to your kind attention that 70% of the employees of NVS are active members of AINVSA. We have been taking untiring efforts to get recognition for the Association so that the grievances of the employees could be brought to the notice of the authorities. However, the UPA government was reluctant to consider our genuine demand as AINVSA is affiliated to a BJP union. Above all, the most disturbing fact is that same persons, in connivance with CPM leaders, have created a faction with the intention of getting affiliation. This would be deleterious to the interest of the employees.

Hence, it is our earnest appeal to your kind self to take necessary initiative in your capacity as the chairman of NVS and the hon’ble Minister to direct NVS authorities to take immediate action to recognize AINVSA.

We shall remain ever grateful to you  for your  timely help and intervention.


      Yours sincerely,


          T.P. Mani

                                                                       (National President of AINVSA)

   JNV Kottarakkara, ETC PO.

                                                                     Kollam District, Kerala- 691531.