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Saturday, June 11, 2016

JNV Employees join the INDEFINITE STRIKE w.e.f 11 JULY, for the third demand herein

AINVSA serves NOTICE to the competent authority NvsHqr, i.r.o INDEFINITE STRIKE w.e.f 11 JULY 2016

AINVSA's Strike NOTICE to HRD Ministry

NJCA gives Strike Notice

Post Transfer list CIRCULARS must to bridge the gap

NVS should quote the reason for the correct stand for giving or not giving transfers. Plain area person transfer counts, only counted among plain area employees It not to be considered, if priority categories have opted their choices. Transfer count already exempted for four main categories,hence representation or grievances of these four categories should be at least heard,before alloting plain to plain people in their choice places.

The principles of natural justice, of being heard should be there in matters of request transfers ,if not for admin or public interest transfers.
KV gives two chances to represent or correct after displaying the transfer and displacement counts.

Jnv employees should be briefed and be made aware of their coveted vacancies,it's not to be first come first serve basis or based on lottery draw or something.There should be a proper locus standi for transfers done , and a circular released after transfer list released, enlightening all of the procedure ,exceptions done.

Monday, June 6, 2016


Though the Staff are happy for the release of Transfer List, there are a few grievances and NVS should pay heed to it.  The redressal of grievances are also a part of the administration and management. AINVSA has now and then given suggestions, representations and  grievances of the staff in matter of Transfers persistently and regularly during the ongoing Annual  Transfer Drive 2016  process. We regret to say that only 70% of the suggestions consolidated have been taken into consideration...
The grievances of the staff should be redressed departmentally, before they resort to help or succour from any external agencies.  There  is no harm, if by acknowledging any representation of the staff after the  transfer list released, if its genuine and demands attention ;there is no repercussions or the related transfers not affected much. NVS should avoid as many CAT and Court cases, as possible by just giving a chance to the genuine cases, such as under:
1)  The teaching staff who have applied for places where the  employee serving there is going on Superannuation in near future, such as July  should be given that place such as allotted in the cases of Principal's transfers showing @ at availablility. That he/she would be released when vacancy created.
2) If there are vacancies in the same state and the deemed category person of more than 10 years has given three choices, he ought to be  given preference to those places. Some have been given, but a few have been  transferred to other states., calls upon reconsideration. And he should be satiated if representations given to that affect and new choice places opted in the new representations sent.
3) If the transferred employees are not happy of the  request transfers given, it could be interchanged, if the resultant transfers not affected., much.  REQUEST TRANFER Employees are to be made ultimately happy, as its not administrative or public interest transfers , and so their new representations to be considered , PRIORITY TO BE GIVEN once again, as per categorywise  or hieararchy allotted in this Annual Transfer Drive 2016. 

Its to be noted here, that  Helpline contacts numbers are published by KVs during their Annual Transfer drive, to quench the queries of the staff and disseminate the justifications of transfers.
4)  Those who have completed 10 years, and their opted choice places lying vacant, should be given transfers invariably, to mitigate their disappointment  and grievances meted out in  this year transfer drive.

5) The 10-year-bond employees fraternity should not be suffered as they have gone much struggle and need to be given transfers without fail this year 2016 itself, on having completed their bond period recently or on the verge of completion. They ought not wait for one year for their transfers to materialise, but all the remaining vacancy at the end be allocated to them positively.
In short,  REPRESENTATIONS  to be accepted, as they are only a few compared to the transfers done. NVS should reconsider about releasing a Revised List with a little modification ie Corrigendum/Addendum to the Transfer List released, to satisfy and please one and all ,as far as possible, to have a smooth congenial and family atmosphere work culture in  each and every JNVs of the country.....The mass transfer drive is otherewise a great success,. and has created a  History in NVS  for  appropriate and fully transparent Mass Transfers., with  a propriety to be saluted.

                                                                                         -  AINVSA

AINVSA THANKS NVS for releasing the T.G.T Transfer list on 2 June,2016

                                                    THANKS NOTE

AINVSA Central Executive Committee ( CEC) Members , heartily thanks the Hon.Commissioner , , the Competent Authority ,Concerned officials, for releasing the TGT Transfer List on 2 June,2016  .  The Staff , is literally pleased ,and will be now prudent enough to take their kids admission promptly, wisely and accordingly.

We are highly indebted to you Sir , for endorsing and acknowledging our request and displaying the Final list on the official website of NVS ,prior to 4/5 June.

Hope the Competent Authority would also release the Creative teachers, V.Ps, Third Lang/Regional Language and  10 year bond teachers, Non teaching staff's  Transfer list, soon, to discard the same admission problems of their kith and kins.

Anticipating  that the Individual Transfer order initiates  before  the monsoon commences, to mitigate the transportation troubles of the  transferred employees.

                                                THANKS ,ONCE AGAIN

                                                                                                              from  A.I.N.V.S.A