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Friday, July 21, 2017


A.I.N.V.S.A thanks the Hon.Commissioner and NVS Hqr officials for the release of letter i.r.o the revised pay for NVS Employees....

Monday, July 10, 2017


1) The transfers should materialised  and the places allocated, prior to the joining of new recruits. The converse would  make the transfer applicants lose their choice place.

2) The transfer form filled online and edited by the Principal, ought to be accessible to view by the concerned login, as to know what has been edited by the Principal. There should be transparency , the employees ought to know what was his mistake and how its been rectified by the Principal. Though not given a chance to edit after that, but view option should be available from his login Id.

3)The data of staff do not tally with the received forms, implies that the Principal wants a few of his favourite to remain in that jnv, though coming under deemed category. The clear cut instructions perhaps not deliberately  understood, and such discrepancy only results in the late execution of Transfers 2017 for no fault of the other eagerly waiting employees. It should be viewed seriously and the defaulter Principals penalised , unlike last year taking a whole year for the execution due to such lapses at the Vidyalaya and RO level , as heard of.

4) The non-teaching staff coming under deemed vacancy should be transferred this year at par with the teaching staff, or else it would result in injustice and uproar in the teaching fraternity. Rules ought to be applicable to all alike.  Irrespective of whether demanded by others or not, the non- teaching staff crossing the normal tenure of 5 or 10years, as the case may be, ought to be displaced without fail.

Hope the online transfer automation process would make things more error-free ,and in a speedy manner compared to previous years.


Saturday, July 1, 2017

NVS Spouses in particular & Exempted category in general harassed and deliberately burdened at Vidyalaya level

It has come to know that a few staff in many Vidyalayas have been against the unification of spouses  done by NVS and they are conspiring against the well settled spouses due to the efforts of NVS to make them come together. This few  just with the help of Principals, or the Principals themselves who have not got their desire place of posting ,with the help of administrative staff or higher authority are bent upon giving extra and unequal distribution of work at the JNV level. They are bent upon proving that the spouses are not working at the Vidyalaya level or simply not useful to the Vidyalaya, just due to sheer jealousy. ..The Principal and higher authority ought not come under this trap and shelter the recently unified spouses working in NVS

A few staff at the JNV level are against the exempted category of Transfers and plotting against them, the Physically challenged ones and the Medical category as well. There is a uproar this year that  a few in the deemed vacancy who have not been transferred last year, ought to this year. In this online transfer procedure, if those who have crossed above ten years are not transferred this year, it would create unrest  in most of jnvs, as once begun the trend should continue...

NVS spouses   coming under this victimation,at JNV level or RO level, in particular and all the four exempted category in general, kindly send an email describing the episodes of their victimisation , to to generalise it ,consolidate and send it  to the NVS headquarter as a proactive measure, before things go out of the hands...

                                                                    -AINVSA for staff welfare