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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Listing of Pension case in S.C on 25/3/2014

Next Date of Listing is on 25 March 2014
ITEM NO.MM-1 COURT NO.8 SECTION XIV S U P R E M E C O U R T O F I N D I A RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (Civil) No(s).3106-3107/2012 (From the judgment and order dated 06/01/2011 in WPC No.3197/2010 and dated 18/03/2011 in RP No.90/2011 and WPC No.3197/2010 of the HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT N. DELHI) T.M.SAMPATH & ORS. Petitioner(s) VERSUS SEC.MIN.OF WATER RESOURCES & ORS. Respondent(s) WITH SLP(C) NO.20425-20426/2011 SLP(C) NO.19102/2012 W.P.(C) NO. 518/2012 W.P.(C) NO.556/2012 Date: 29/01/2014 These Petitions were mentioned today. CORAM : HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE SURINDER SINGH NIJJAR HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE A.K. SIKRI For Petitioner(s) SLP(C) 3106-3107/12 Mr. Rajesh Mahale, Adv. SLP(C)20425-26/11 Ms. Pragati Neekhra, Adv. Mr. Suryanarayana Singh, Adv. SLP(C) 19102/12 Mr. Shubhashis R. Soren,Adv. Ms. Ruchi Kohli, Adv. WP(C) 518/12 Ms. Mahalakshmi Pavani, Adv. WP(C) 556/12 Mr. Debasis Misra, Adv. For Respondent(s) Mrs Lalita Kaushik, Adv. Mr. D.S. Mahra, Adv. Mr. S. Rajappa, Adv. UPON hearing counsel the Court made the following O R D E R List the cases on 25th March, 2014. |(VINOD LAKHINA) | |(INDU BALA KAPUR) | |COURT MASTER | |COURT MASTER

Friday, January 24, 2014

AINVSA (T.P.MANI)'s letter to All AINVSA UNITS on 23/1/2014


Gain knowledge from the precedent and struggle to be stubborn!

                   AINVSA syndicate in the meeting with the commissioner on 23/7/2013 and on 30/12/2013, discussed all the important issues including the most awaited pension and other service matters. His honour  accorded nothing other than the customary assurance that everything will be considered compassionately.
                It is our negligence and sheer inability to stand united helped the opportunist authorities to ruin the service conditions, as have never been seen in the annals of history. Even now these feudal lords follow the nasty British policy of divide and rule in not giving recognition to our organization.  Even the conditions evolved and approved in discussion with the representatives of the JAC have fallen in the oblivion.

             We aren’t still awake, we pretend to be fast asleep, we try to close the the eyes and create darkness or expect someone else to demand and feed us. How long shall be asleep like dump cows?  “ Awake, awake friends and stand united for our rights.’

            Minister of HRD answered Shri. MotilalVora (MP) in the question hour session on  26/08/2013, question No: 237 of the parliament that ‘15’   demands of NVS employees is going to be implemented, but alas there is not even a circular or notice regarding the status of the any of the demands. The conclusion derived is the literal betrayal or discrimination of NVS employees by the central govt. and NVS authorities.

                Due representation by AINVSA to the 6th pay commission resulted in the sanctioning of 10% Special allowance to the teacher of NVS.  In the name of this sanction, umpteen duties are being dumped on the NVS employees day by day. It is time to be united and react against all these injustice. It is crystal clear that the strike technique followed till date has become outdated.  Let us not bewail over the failures of strikes & techniques which we had under taken in the past. It is time to carve out new techniques; at this juncture, the Gandhian non-cooperation movement proposed by the AINVSA in 2010 becomes meaningful, the most suitable and appropriate. But never forget the fact that unless we all are united, accomplishment of justice will only remain a mere dream. When we follow the Gandhian technique of noncooperation, step by step, no authority may be able to withstand it.

                  Now let us have a swift analysis of the mater of ‘Pension’. What are the recent developments, specially concerned to the parliament and cabinet note issues? Why is this impediment? We don’t know why this unwanted red tape? Is it because of the formalities to complete or because of the same old story? Delay at the maximum possible and make the lame excuse saying that the election is declared and nothing can be done now .This old story we have heard from our politicians for many years from the establishment of our JNVs. It is true that in our present system of bureaucracy every thing needs sponsors or god fathers. Haven’t you got fed up with all the assurances? Now at least we should take a bold step of not casting our vote for the forthcoming Parliament election along with our family members to any party if they cannot heed to our deserving right. This decision should be displayed with a banner or poster in front of all poling booths in the concerned regional and vernacular language by each JNVs .This is our suggestion for which we are awaiting your reply, accordingly we will take the final decision and let you know.Kindly send us, your reply after having a unit level meeting on this issue.

                 Convince the parents ,as well, to support us in this matter. We are nearing to 600 Vidyalayas in the country, having one in each district. Isnt it enough to make the Govt’s eye open; that we can make a difference in more than 585 districts in the country. We have 300 or 400 parents too in each district who would refrain from their franchise, if we convince them.

               Now the second development is the Supreme Court case which was supposed to be heard ‘day before yesterday’ (21/01/2014). has been postponed to 28 Jan 2014.

               Let us hope for the best and strive hard.

         Proposals for the protests from the month of February ’14.

                                        ‘Boycott’   type of Strike

      1. Boycott MOD duty from February 2014. (Relent not from the noncooperation movement
           even at the greatest pressure from NVS side.)
2 Refuse all additional duties imposed (night supervised study, early morning supervised study etc…)

3. Boycott all meetings called by Principals, and other Officials.

4. Avoid availing advances.

5. Avoid all escort duties.

6. Refuse to undertake HM / AHM duties from the next Academic year.

7. Treat   Panel Inspection day as protest day.

 Whatever pressure we may have to undergo, the strike will be continued.
    *Before the commencement of this protest, call a staff meeting of every unit well in advance to discuss the program and submit a notice to the principal duly signed by each member of the staff.
   * Submit individual representation to the collector to take the Chairman in to confidence.

VK SINGH                                   PK GUPTA                         SHAJI DAVIS.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some useful sites for Navodaya Vidyalaya employees

Some useful links

Know more about Pensions and type of Pensions by opening

See the Academics and Administration  sections inside


for perusing how compensatory leave is given in KVs for working during Sundays and holidays

Grievances registered on CPGRAMS are attended promptly by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, NVS should follow the same.

Grievances not handled by NVS or AINVSA should be  registered on CPGRAMS


as NVS comes under the purview; see the notification below



No. A.11013/1/88-Ad.I Reference para 3(vi) of this Secretariat’s Resolution of even number dated 25th March 1988 constituting the Directorate of Public Grievances in the Cabinet Secretariat.

2.  The jurisdiction of the Directorate of Public Grievances is hereby extended to Central Board of Secondary Education, National Open School and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti.

(Sunil Mishra)
Deputy Secretary

All India Central Govt employees issues notice to Cabinet Secretary,Govt of India

All Central Government Employees , members of Confederation of Central govt employees goes on All India Strike on 12th &13th FEB 2014. The strike is called demanding settlement of 15 point Charter of Demands including DA Merger, Date of effect of 7th CPC as 1/1/2014,etc

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pension case in SC prolonged a bit further

Today on 21/1/2014 our case could not come up for hearing. The hearing would materialise on 28/01/2014. - Message from AINVSA(T.P.MANI)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

YES , DEMAND OF OLD PENSION Displayed in the portal

Congrats, friends

Navodaya vidyalaya Samiti Employees'  ONLINE PETITION seen in the third page of Search, when searched by 'Finance Minister, INDIA' in the site , the world's most popular  portal for public demand.

Send the link given below to as many friends as you want, even outside Navodaya Vidyalayas, too,  inorder to increase the signature so that it becomes the most popular demand in the site.




                                            -   AINVSA (T.P.MANI)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

50% DA Merger to be announced soon in Feb 2014

Government likely to consider 50% DA merger soon ; would be decided in the budget session of Parliament in February 2014.The current DA of 90% would cross 100% in January., but to be announced only in March 2014.

The merging of 50%DA with the basic pay would have no financial complications, as there would be no increase in other allowances  except an increase in HRA.This 50% DA would be labelled as " DEARNESS PAY" and given separately.

And the credit of all this  goes to 'Central Govt Employees Federation'.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Online petition to the Finance Minister for Old PENSION scheme to NVS Employees

All Pensionable staff

The Pension matter is lying with the Finance Minister. Please click below and sign the petition by  a simple procedure of filling up details on right side of the page opened.

Kindly sign the petition to highlight our genuine demand of Pension GOI 1972 cum GPF scheme , before the F.M Shri Chidambaram gives an unfavorable response as done by Shri Pranab Mukherjee earlier.

                                                              -AINVSA (T.P.MANI)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Dear Employees of NVS get Tech Savvy

Dear staff of  Navodaya Vidyalayas

Friends become tech savvy in this gadget world and fast circulations by netizens in India . Log on to and sign up.  Create your own account and tweet  your views, problems you face, your good thoughts etc.

The blogger has decided to tweet daily as a new year resolution of 2014.  Just sign up in this aforesaid site and become a follower of

Kindly check out your twitter account daily, in the same manner as you do facebook account, to see daily updates and news of AINVSA if any, in a very quick  and shortest time all oneliners.

Please dont miss out,  TAKE UP New year RESOLUTION of tweeting daily along with the blogger, or simply checking out tweets of others.

                        BE UPDATED, BE THE FIRST ONE TO GET THE NEWS

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Hello, Dear friends,
AINVSA bids a happy and prosperous new year to you. You might be eager to know what is going on in association. With a view to knowing latest development, an ANIVSA delegation led by Yogendra Kumar Sharma, National Working President, AINVSA,CEC,met NVS Commissioner at Noida Headquarter yesterday,i.e. Dec 30,2013 on behalf of Sh. T.P. Mani, National  President,AINVSA,CEC.The delegation consisted of the following members-
1.       Yogendra Kumar Sharma-National Working President-AINVSA,CEC-JNV Sawaimadhopur-Raj.
2.       Gajendra Yadav-National Deputy General Secretary, AINVSA,CEC,JNV-Mahendragarh-Hariyana.
3.       Ms. Rajbala Yadav-National President-Nurses' Association-JNV-Delhi-II.
4.       Ms. Sulata Bhargav-JNV Narsinghpur-MP.
5.       Ms. Vinod Kumari-JNV Mahendragarh-HR.
6.       Ms. Nirmla Hada-JNV Gurugaon-HR.
7.       Sh. B.L. Meena-JNV Tonk-Raj.
8.       Sh. Shaileshwer Singh-JNV Ghaziabad-UP.
9.       Ms. Kamlesh Tomar-JNV G.B. Nagar-UP.

·         Friends, It was imperative for us to seek first-hand and reliable version with regard to pension,10% special allowance to Non-teaching staff and other staff welfare concerns from NVS-Commissioner. As some other fake AINVSA office-holders have been spreading rumours and misleading information the matter. In this regard a host of Regional Office Assistant Commissioner, Principals, Vice-Principals and staff members across the country contacted Mr. T.P. Mani to know what was really taking place. Consequent upon their request Mr. T.P. Mani-President AINVSA authorised me to meet Commissioner Mr. G.S. Bothyal. You know friends, no person other than Commissioner could provide us with reliable and confirmed update-
·         Development at a glance-
1.       Pension-GOI-About pension GOI Commission told-
A.      SAMITI has done its full home work. The SAMITI has already sent the matter to HRD with full justification. You already know about this. For this Sh. G.S. Bothyal, Sh. Naresh Kumar and Sh. M.S. Khanna deserve our special thanks.
B.      HRD ministry top officials in close co-ordination with SAMITI officials got the proposal okayed by the Planning Commission .It was a major breakthrough .It means there is clear-cut green signal by our Ministry. You know a cabinet not has already been prepared by the Ministry. The note received positive signals from DOPT and other concerned ministries. It means our SAMITI and Ministry both have done their job nicely.
C.      Friends, now the Pension proposal is under active consideration with Finance Ministry. But Mr. P. Chidamberam is unwilling, despite UPA Chairperson Ms. Sonia Gandhi’s strong recommendation to him. He does not look favourably on the matter. There are also some objections from Expenditure Cell of Finance Ministry. But reality is that SAMITI is already in possession of approximately 350 crores of rupees as CPF fund that is enough to meet the expanse. One more thing, If pension is given no big financial burden will be on Govt. exchequer because as per calculation prepared by SAMITI only 10 crores of rupees for the starting year and maximum 20 crores  for the coming few years will be required from Govt. Side. Only in the long run during 2040-41 there will be a need of a few hundred crores and clearly enough by that period this amount will be nothing for Govt. of India.
D.      On various occasions AINVSA was directed to put political pressure on Chidamberam by other Cabinet Ministers including PM, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. For this AINVSA strongly represented the matter to the afore-mentioned persons. Ultimately, we succeeded in convincing Ms. Sonia Gandhi about our demand. She for the first time wrote strongly to Mr. Chidamberam to look into the matter favourably.
Friends, now the ball is in the court of Mr. Chidamberam. Yes or No in the matter fully depends on him.
-The whole progress was given to us by NVS Commissioner.
2) 10% special allowance to Non-Teaching Staff. On asking about the matter Mr. Naresh Kumar told us that it has been turned down by executive committee of HRD but he has resent the proposal to the Ministry with full justification and modifications. Let us see what will take place.
3) Transfer Councelling- Friends it is a good news, SAMITI is going to the erstwhile councelling system for transfer again. Commissioner told us about this decision. A circular will be issued in the coming month of February.
4) Mutual Transfer- This is an another good news. Commissioner told us the SAMITI is going to implement the provision of Mutual Transfer.
5) Request Transfer- A good news indeed. Due to pressure mounted on SAMITI by Mr. T.P. Mani in the larger interest of our staff, SAMITI had to modify its new transfer policy. New in place of 10 years the request transfer period has been reduced to 5 years.
6) Recognition- Friends, our efforts are on in this regard. For this we approached HRD Minister and Secretary and SAMITI is under pressure to grant recognition to AINVSA. In case, recognition becomes a reality, AINVSA T.P. Mani will be recognized in this matter. A legal notice has been issued to other FAKE AINVSA STAKE HOLDERS.
Friends, this is the whole development. Once again we wish you a happy new year. May God bless you.
NOTE- Very soon we are going to seek an appointment with P. Chidamberam to press for our demand for pension. It is also required of you to send direct faxes to Finance Ministery in the matter. All Principals and staff Secretaries are kindly requested to take initiative in this regard

Yours’ ever
Yogendra Kumar Sharma
National Working President, AINVSA, 09660756089


            HAPPY NEW YEAR to All the readers and viewers of this blog....May this new year fulfill all our wishes..

                                               Blogger: S.S.NAIR