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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good News ! Navodaya Staff welfare Question raised in Rajya Sabha.

Demands of Staff of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas: Rajya Sabha Q&A
Monday, August 26, 2013
Demands of Staff of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas

a) the details of demands put forward by teaching and non-teaching staff of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas;

(b)  the date from which the demands of the representatives of various staff associations of these vidyalayas would be considered in a time-bound manner and by when this process would be completed; and

(c) the reasons for not considering their demands so far?
ANSWERED ON-26.08.2013
Demands of Staff of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas
237 .
(a) to (c) : A statement is laid on the Table of the Sabha.


(a)&(b) The teaching and non-teaching staff of some of the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs) had proceeded on strike with effect from 6.02.2013 for fulfillment of various demands relating to their service conditions. The studies of the students were seriously disrupted due to this strike close to the annual examinations and it was of serious concern to the Government as Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas have been set up to enable talented students from rural areas to progress at faster pace to compete with their urban counterpart on an equal footing. After detailed discussions with the representatives of various Staff Association of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, the strike was called off with effect from 15.2.2013 with an assurance to the employees for a sympathetic consideration of all the genuine demands. A list of 23 demands put forward by teaching and non-teaching staff of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas is annexed.

2. The major demand of the employees was for introduction of Pension-cum-GPF Scheme under Pension Rule 1972 for the employees recruited before 1.1.2004. For this inter-ministerial consultations have already been started and are presently at an advanced stage. Some demands related to service conditions like up-gradation of pay scales, sanction of additional posts, some allowances and other miscellaneous demands relating to day to day working conditions of the JNVs.

3. Detailed discussions have already been held by the Ministry and the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti with the representatives of the employees. Several demands require consideration by different Ministries/Department of Government of India and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS). 15 of the 23 demands have already been settled.

(c) Does not arise.


Dear Readers of this Blog

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We would like to serve you better by developing a website to this effect. Hence kindly send the matters as requested in  this blog, which would be uploaded on the website for the staff welfare.

Any suggestion for the development of the new website by AINVSA TP MANI group, is most welcome.


All the AINVSA CEC members are requested to send a scanned copy of their passport size photo on the National General Secretary Shri Shaji Davis to the email ids:, OR

at the earliest by email along with their mobile number, schools address , designation  etc 

They should send the material accrued by them of the staff grievances, or suggestions of their respective Regions directly to Shri Shaji Davis, and follow up by giving a cellular call  to him.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Proposed Transfer List of III Language teachers has been uploaded on the website of Chandigarh Region

Dear Regional Language teachers in all 08 Regions

Proposed Transfer List of III Language teachers has been uploaded on the  website    The complete list of transfers of the Regional language teachers (III Language teachers) under Rotational Policy of Transfer Policy, has been uploaded on the said Chandigarh Regional office website

OR Click below and dowload it....

                                              An attempt to help all Regional language teachers -- AINVSA(T.P.MANI)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

PGT posts for Regional Language teachers and P.E.Ts sanctioned by HRD Ministry


                                  A STAFF GRIEVANCE

Sub: Requesting for checks and instructions against teachers'public repremandation /insult by Principals in the JNVs – Reg.

Respected TEACHERS

The presence of undemocratic, repremanding and shouting attitude of Principals in vidyalayas has been a matter of grave concern and the Association has brought it in the past to the notice of the Hon’ble Commissioner many times. Many a problem would have been settled quite amicably if an amicable relationship had existed between the Principals and the staff. In this connection the Association requests you to issue some stern instructions and guidelines to the Principals and also see that they are scrupulously followed. At least there must be some checks for such Principals also.

It is found and felt as representations are coming regularly that some of the Principals give little respect to their subordinates and indulge them in repremanding teachers and mostly TGTs in particular and not the buzzing office staff as if scolding a student.. Some do not even offer a chair, making a staff member stand all the time. But the worst of all some Principals are under the impression that repremandation or shouting at a teacher in the presence of students or his/her other colleagues is the best way of demoralizing and subduing them. Some even throw unparliamentarily words like 'Nonsense" "idiot" and saying "take out your hand from your pocket " while keeping their hands in their pockets and challenge the poor teacher to get ready to face "Memo" and threaten by saying publically "one of us will survive at the station"(It was shocking when a class eight student asked his teacher if he would stay at the station or the principal).

This way these Principals do that damage the image and reputation of the teachers in public especially among senior students and then these students start violating rules in front of the repremanded or victimised teachers especially TGTs as these students know that they (TGTs) are not their subject teachers, thus begins a kind of indiscipline..The inside picture of many vidyalyas is almost same and it is not as rosy as the NVS thinks.

The Association strongly feels that the NVS must give strict guidelines to the Principals in connection with promoting the aims and objectives of the Samiti. If Principals are in no position to provide inspiration to the staff and keep on repremanding teachers in front of students and other staff then the desired objective will never be achieved as the teachers are very important part of this system. There must be some sort of annual audit of Principal's Behaviour and the same can be ensured at the time of panel inspection in form of written note from staff side secretively or at least cluster incharge may seek opinions from the teachers'side once in a month if any of the teachers wants to say something about his/her Principal. Or MOD of the day can mention the same in the MOD proforma under the column Behaviour of the Principal for the day and if this kind of mechanism can be developed, the system may run more smoothly that is what the association strongly feels in this regard.


Friday, August 16, 2013


 Dear Friends of all JNVs in all the 08 Regions,

We have found that there are  grievances  of the staff in some  JNVs  in India. There are not addressed properly and hence  not obtained proper redressal of their grievances, so far; giving rise to pent up feelings against Samiti.. At times this has even aroused animosity amongst employees and the administration. There are more and more cases in tribunal (C.A.T) and High Courts. These grieved employees have even resorted to anonymous complaints in and out of Samiti. AINVSA requests all the staff of  JNVs to seek redressal through proper mechanisms. For instance, a written gist of their grieved matter should be sent to the AINVSA CEC members through  AINVSA Unit Secretary, duly signed by these grieved ones/victims with proper recommendation or comments written by the Unit Secretary on the AINVSA Unit's Letter head.The veracity of the allegations should be judged by the Unit Secretary before forwarding it to the AINVSA CEC.

 AINVSA Units in some of the JNVs are not functioning as needed and not systematic in their approach. AINVSA Units should not, unnecessarily dominate or interfere in the School administration. The members of AINVSA (T.P.MANI) are hereby informed to send their suggestions about the school administration, if any, and their personal grievances directly to  AINVSA CEC , duly signed by them. (C.E.C. Members list seen on the left margin of the letter head of AINVSA (TP MANI).

 The grievances would be consolidated and suggestions summarized for onward transmission to the NVS Headquarters by AINVSA (TP MANI). Howsoever, if they are apprehensive of the outcome, it could be PUBLISHED in this AINVSA BLOG as well.. The employee's name, post and his/her JNV would not be disclosed but kept confidential with us, and only produced, provided  permitted by these applicants/victims.

 Please send your grievances/problems regarding service matters or suggestions if any regarding the administration policies of NVS  to,by your personal email, to get it published in this blog, at the earliest. Kindly state clearly whether your identity is to be disclosed or not, as Post Script below the mail or letter. Anonymous complaints to AINVSA would not be adhered to or entertained at any cost,whatsoever.

This blog has crossed 97thousand page views by the readers till date, and is viewed by JNV employees of almost all Regions and even by the NVS authorities.

                                                                                                               -AINVSA (TPMANI)

Saturday, August 10, 2013


                                                        A MESSAGE
                                           BY AINVSA TO  NVS Authorities

Management is the art and science of “getting things done through people” and communications is the “essence of it”.
Communication helps any organization, for it
·         Leads to better interpersonal skills;
·         Helps reduce organizational conflicts;
·         Assists in networking with other people;
·         Helps in collaborating with others; and
·         Creates a better spirit of cooperation within the organization.

There are in fact four main different channels within an organization:
1.       Downward Communication
2.       Upward Communication
3.       Horrizontal or lateral communication
4.       Diagonal or cross-wise communication

AINVSA Suggests NVS to have Vertical type of Communication, where the flow is both upward and downward in movement. This ensures a healthy state of flow of information and fosters a give and take relationship within  the organization or institution.

If the employees get the feeling that they are actively  participating in the decision-making process, they will usually perform better at their jobs. While most of the communication at the JNVs sees to be downward, it is essential to  have upward communication also, which will lead to the creation of a motivated  workforce.

Dan O’ Hair ,  “ Decisions made by groups are of higher quality than decisions made by individuals working alone”. Rightly, in today’s business climate of “ open door policy” subordinates are even encouraged to participate in decision-making or paricipative management, in the interest of the organisation  or institution.

Suggestions were not taken by AINVSA during the framing of Transfer Policy. Suggestions were invited ,if any, from only the Principals of the JNVs, who  were not  and are not  the  true spokes man of the teaching and non teaching staff in letter and spirit. Hence, Transfer Policy should be revised   and reconsidered on the basis of suggestions given by AINVSA

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Has Samiti put a ban on Mutual Transfers?

Mutual Transfers should not be banned by NVS.Its not a right, but a privilege.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Grievances in respect of Proposed Transfer List 2013

 Dear friends

There are grievances reported to AINVSA of the recent 'Proposed List of Transfers' , that those who have completed ten years at the present place of posting and the post is vacant at the desired place have not received any confirmation of their Transfers and  their name not in the list.

AINVSA suggests a Proforma Letter drafted as under to be sent to the Hon Commissioner NVS ( Email to or )   for this matter, today itself.

The Commissioner
Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti
Head Quarter,  NOIDA
Date: 07 August,2013

Sub:  Application for  Request Transfer –reg

Hon’ble Sir

May I have the honour  and privilege to bring to your kind notice that I would like to get myself transferred on request basis as under:
Date of Joining Samiti
Date of joining in the present station:
Present Place of Posting:  
Place of Posting Desired:

Kindly  favor me by materializing the above transfer ie from JNV________ to JNV ______. The post of PGT /TGT______ is vacant at JNV _________. This act of kindness would be highly appreciated.

Thanking you
Yours  faithfully
(             )

   -  AINVSA staff grievance cell