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Monday, October 25, 2010



This is to bring to the notice all members of all legally registered Staff Associations
under Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti that All India Navodaya Vidyalaya Staff
Association (AINVSA) is a registered Staff Association with Reg No K 492/94.The place
and address of registration is Girija Nilayam, Vadavathoor.PO. Kottayam, Kerala.

Presently the President and Gen.Secretary of AINVSA are Sri.T P Mani and
Sri.J K Singh respectively. It has come to our notice that Sri.L B Reddy and Sri Jagdeesh
posing as the Gen Secretary and President are conducting meetings under the banner of
AINVSA with the same register number and enrolling members to the ‘association’.

In this connection, I would like to state in emphatic and unambiguous terms that the
afore- mentioned activities of Sri.L B Reddy and Sri Jagdeesh Rai are illegal and can
attract legal proceedings. More over, any person who becomes a member of such
association is at fault for similar offence.
Hence I would like to caution every member of the staff of NVS that they may please
refrain from attending such illegal meetings or becoming members of such duplicate
It is also brought to the notice of all that the JAC meeting to held at Chandigarh is not
genuine as it has not been called with the knowledge of the associations who worked
together before 1st February 2010
Since the proposed meeting is called by those who derailed the indefinite strike proposed
to be held on February1,2010 and completely shattered our hope for such an important
and life saving issue as introduction of Pension scheme we would like to caution all
members that if they are continued to proceed we may again meet with peril.The under
current of the activities held in the month of January 2010 was a frightening and
shameless drama that that ditched 60,000 or so lives of the innocent staff and their family
members.Hence AINVSA does not have any share in this blood.
Sri,L B Reddy was never interested in constituting JAC or a strike.He was opposed to
all such activities.He was of the opinion that the time was not ripe for a strike and that we
would have to face terrible consequences if went on strike on 1st February,2010.He
asserted this view in all the JAC meetings and vehemently criticized any move for
strike.In the last meeting held at Pune before the proposed strike,too,he took a similar
view.The real reason behind the assertion was that he did not want the credit of expected
thumping success of the indefinite strike to be shared by JAC,rather wanted to have it all
alone.Therefore he tried to mercilessly kill the movement.

On account of the above facts I would like to caution all the innocent and committed staff
members of NVS who are desirous to get Pension Scheme implemented not to be
deceived by such people who responsible for split of staff into teaching and non-teaching
and spoiling of prospects for recognition of AINVSA by uncanny brinkmanship.

President General Secretary
(T P Mani) (J K Singh)


The Central Executive Committee Meeting of All India Navodaya Vidyalaya
Staff Association(AINVSA) was held at JNV Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
on 10th October,2010.The meeting began at 10 am with the welcome address by
Ms.K P Mary Jt.Secretary.The meeting was presided over by Sri.T P Mani, National
President. Sri.Rajan K M gave a brief report on the activities of 2009-10.

A thorough discussion of various issues concerning the staff and the reasons that
brought about the call off of the indefinite strike proposed to begin on
1st February,2010 was done.

The following resolutions have been taken unanimously .
1. National Convention and Strengthening of AINVSA : It has been resolved that all Vidyalaya Units are to be reconstituted and the state committees to be formed by organizing State Conventions on or before 28th November so that the CEC Meeting can be held on 5th December,2010. in Goa to decide the venue and date for National Convention .The state committees must be formed by proper nomination from the Units as per the bye laws.
2. Raising Membership for AINVSA and Achieving Recognition : Since all members gave paramount importance to getting recognition for AINVSA it has been decided to collect membership of all staff of all Units in prescribed format and send to the President for further processing and forward submission. State Coordinators will carry out the work.
3. Addressing Pressing Day-to-day Issues : It has been resolved by all present that the issues plaguing Vidyalaya staff must be given due weightage so that the staff can live in peace and dignity. The following issues will be taken up immediately :
a. Streamlining the rules and regulations in all Vidyalayas to avoid imposing the whims and caprices of Principals in order to resist human rights violations and denial of civil liberties.
b. Demand 12 days CL as the staff work on 7 days per week
c. Appointment of wardens for boys hostel and permanent post of matron for girls.
d. Reinstating EL instead of HPL
4. Pension : Issues and Movements : It has been resolved that since filing a court case would bring about a stalemate in the pursuance of Pension a political solution and hard struggle through protests would be considered.
5. Strategies of Protests for Achieving Pension : Since efforts to build up pressure and enhance motivation among staff to prepare them for a massive strike in case the govt does not relent in regard of pension matter it has been decided to : boycott Sunday and holiday duties
a. boycotting MOD duties (if compensatory off or special casual Leave not granted as per the assurance given by Mr.Alok Verma ,Jt.Commissioner,NVS)
b. Scrutiny of the JNVST applications will be done without affixing signatures of teachers.Meeting to be held by every unit to declare the protest
c. Refraining from all other duties relating to JNVST by all staff

6. Reorganisation of JAC : In the wake of the call off of the indefinite strike and the
inaction of JAC it has been resolved to make a clarion call to all the registered
associations of employees under NVS to clarify their position in working together in
achieving the hitherto unmet goals.
7. Meeting with Sonia Gandhi : A delegation of select ladies members under AINVSA
will meet Mrs Sonia Gandhi in order to bring her intervention in the matter and early
action for implementation of CCS Pension 1972.Mrs.Indira Singh is entrusted with
arrangement for appointment etc.
8. Other Issues : It has been resolved to demand 3 lab attendants for every Vidyalaya,
expedition of granting of Senior Scale in pending cases, granting of Nursing Allowance
to staff Nurses, expedition of upgradation of Group D to Group C as per VI Pay
Commission Recommendation and as per the verdict of Hon’ble CAT and adoption of
Inter-Regional Transfer for all Categories of Staff so as to facilitate improve their life.
9. Patron for AINVSA : It has been unanimously decided that a suitable politician from a national political party will be approached to act as the Patron for AINVSA who can represent our issues and resolve our problems at government level.
8. Circulars in Vernacular :In keeping with the difficulty faced by staff other than teachers in reading and comprehending the matters contained in the circulars issued by CEC it has been decided that the circulars issued by CEC will be translated to vernacular language by the state coordinators or persons assigned for the purpose and circulate on behalf of CEC under the intimation to State Executive members.
9. The following Persons have been assigned as state coordinators till the National Convention or till such date another notice will be issued by the CEC :
1. Delhi : Mr.Krishna Kumar ,JNV Mungeshpur
2. Haryana : Mr.A K Gaur, JNV Sonipat,Mr.V K Jha,JNV Karnal(also to coordinate Rajasthan,Himachal Pradesh, Jummu & Kashmir)
3. Utttar Pradesh : Mr.M K Singh ,JNV Menpuri,Mr.Veerendra Yadav,JNV Fareedabad, Mr RaviKumar Shrivastava,JNV Saharnapur
4. Madhya Pradesh : Mr.P K Gupta, JNV Bhopal, Mr. Neelesh Thakur & Mr.Ajay Rajput,JNV Hoshangabad, Mr.Ashish Vyas,JNV Ceoni, Mr.Sanjay Sarate,JNV Devasa, Mr.N H Das,JNV Bhopal
5. Bihar : Sri.J K Singh,JNV Katihar
6. Jharkand : Dr.R P Singh,JNV Bokharo,Mr.O P Jha
7. West Bengal : Mr. Subrato Bhattacharya,
8. Maharashtra : Mr.R G Ugle JNV Nasik, Mr.Donte, JNV Amaravati,Mr..V K Shakya, JNV Nasik,Mr.Rajesh Kumar Thakur
9. Gujarat : Mr.Sajith Nair, Mr.V M Dave,JNV Porbandar,Mr.C B Trivedi,JNV Gandhinagar
10. Daman : Dr.V K Singh, Mrs.Indira Singh JNV Daman
11. Goa : Mr.Francis, JNV Canacona
12. Chattisgarh : Mr.K K Dehikar,JNV Rajnamgarh, Mr.Dinesh,JNV Durg, Mr.Ashok Kumar ,JNV Kawardha
13. Orissa : Mr.Amul Jhanna , JNV Kendrapara
14. Andrapradesh : Mr. Balakrishna,JNV Warangal
15. Punjab : Mr.Satish Mirdha
16. Sikkim : Mr.K. Basant,
17. Assam : Mr.A K Singh,
18. Arunachal Pradesh : A K Mahanta Mr.Vasudevan Nair,JNV Lohit (also to coordinate Mizoram,Nagaland& Manipur till the nomination of new persons.)
19. Andaman: Mr.Mohan Kumar,JNV Middle Andaman
20. Lakshadweep : Mr.Kunhikrishnan
21. Karnataka : Mr.Veerendra,JNV Kodaku,Ajay Kumar,Ms.Anu,JNV Bangalore

22. Kerala : Mr.K K Sasi, JNV Ernakulam Mr.KC Davis,JNV Palakkad Mr.K Devadas.JNV Idukki
23. Pondicheri : Mr.Subramani., JNV Pondicheri

President General Secretary
(T P Mani) (J K Singh)

Please intimate the receipt of the minutes and suggestion/proposals to the President and Gen Secretary

Ref. No- AINVSA/ 2010-11/ P-166 Date- 20/10/2010
The issue of introduction of pension is not something that can be easily given up by a feeble jolt because it is our legitimate right as per the CCS Rules. It is also a requirement as a corruption preventive measure or to be more precise as a measure to proceed against a government employee after retirement as if he is in service. The reluctance of NVS to introduce the CCS pension rules even after reminders after reminders from the Chief Vigilance Officer is, indubitably, to open up pastures for corruption and let the tainted officers go scot free after retirement. But the injustice done to 60,000 innocent souls by NVS is inexcusable and unpardonable.
Though the JAC had done a tremendous lot of work last year to bring the staff to embark on the path of agitation, we were finally taken for a ride by NVS and the govt. The call off of the strike has caused a great deal of damage to the confidence of the staff. However we cannot go to dormancy and curse our fate. Hence we have to rejuvenate our activities and fight teeth and nail to achieve CCS Pension because without a source of income in the form of pension our lives will be completely shattered and wrecked to extreme wretchedness. We should not allow apathetic administration to do that to us.
Now that,Sri.V L Balasusubramanian and Sri.R S Nayak have retired from service we hope that a new committee will be constituted by AIJNVPF and join us to proceed with added vigour and enthusiasm.
All India Navodaya Vidyalaya Staff Association look forward to all registered ad genuine staff association to join us to form a new JAC and draw a new road map for our agitation activities. Our bitter experience last year has taught us to identify the wolves in sheep’s clothing. AINVA does not practice political jingoism, brinkmanship, internecine warfare, ditching and digging. We mean what we say. However we could realize that there were people in the ship who wrecked from within and caused it to sink. Hence we have taken a unanimous decision in our CEC meeting that AINVSA shall not work with fraudulent associations. An ‘association’ is existing at present under our banner and register number. AINVSA was registered in, Kollam Kerala with register number……. If any one claims the same register number and banner it is a punishable offence and we will be forced to proceed with litigation against so called association. We are in possession of all relevant documents to support our claims.This is why we do not want to include fraudulent ‘association’(if it is right to be called so)with the JAC as it may finally stab in the back and treacherously indulge in deceit and nasty skullduggery
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
(T P Mani)