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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ref: F. No: AINVSA/GUJSEC/2010/15 10/04/2010

National JAC Members

Sub: Minutes and Resolutions /Charter of demands of ‘AINVSA GUJARAT Meeting’ held at JNV PATAN on 28 March,2010

A Meeting of All India Navodaya Vidyalaya Staff Association(AINVSA) Gujarat was held on 28.03.2010 at JNV Patan,Gujarat. 30-40 Members from different parts of the State participated in the meeting. The meeting started at 11.00 AM with the lighting of the lamps and offering of Bouquets to the dignitaries present such as the Principal and Vice Principal JNV Patan,(Venue), Vice Principal JNV Sabarkantha, Office Bearers of AINVSA CEC and Gujarat SEC such as Mr.M.K.Singh(JNV Kheda),Mr.S.S.Nair(JNV Surat/Tapi),Mr.Vijay Dave(JNV Porbander) etc.

At the outset,the Vice Principal of the host Vidyalaya Sh. N.S.Lengure, welcomed the gathering .He emphasized that two agendas (i)Pension GOI -1972 and (ii)10% special allowance to the non teaching staff should be given priority and the rest would follow.He stressed on the relevance of such meeting and appreciated the members to have come from far off distance reflecting their tempo and spirit.The Vice Principal of JNV Sabarkantha Sh.Shekh set the ball rolling for discussions of the agenda., with his experiences of JAC Meeting at Pune and revolutionary oration to knock the doors of Courts if need be, to achieve the Old Pension GOI-1972.He very systematically adduced the reasons why the employees joined after 2004 should assist this venture too. in future it could be extended to them if at all it commenced now.

Shri M.K.Singh Treasurer of AINVSA(CEC) took up the baton further by his spurring elocution of the unity of all associations for the fulfillment of Old Pension GOI-1972 demands. The JAC is doing the task effectively under the altruistic leadership of Sh. V.L.Balasubramanian; Navodaya staff should trust the JAC members.He spoke at length how rumours are spread to split up the unity of all associations and people should not rely on such hearsay things.He explained the reasons why the two members were expelled and warned the members of Gujarat not to support them by forwarding any sms received by these two expelled members Sh. Yogendra Sharma and Sh.Gajendra Yadav. Moreover he implored that people in navodaya should have unity.They should not put anyone’s job at stake by giving false evidences due to vested interest or personal vengeances against each other.Mr Singh was followed by Mr.Jignesh Bhatt: JAC Member and Ex–Gen Sec AINVSA Gujarat.

Mr Jignesh Bhatt, Pune –JAC Member very analytically gave a report of the Pre-Post Strike situation in Gujarat.He gave the review of the Pune-JAC Meeting and the nuisance created by the expelled members Sh. Yogendra Sharma and Sh.Gajendra Yadav there.He suggested that Gujarat should take the initiative in developing their own fixed time table.This was followed by the briefings of Mr Sajith.Nair, Gen.Secretary AINVSA Gujarat unit of the Stepping-up and bunching of pay of Seniors to justify their pay with that of juniors. He pointed out how AINVSA Gujarat had taken the initiative in drawing attention of the Samiti to the anomalies and had sent a simplified write-up of the CCS(RP) Rules,2008 to all 08 Regional Offices and AINVSA CEC with a request to forward the matter, that entry-pay scale should be given to the newly entrants and stepping-up & bunching should be done to the seniors . Bunching should be done as per Clause A(ii) directed in Note 2A, below rule 7 .The calculation should be done as per Illustration 4A in CCS(RP) rules,2008. He requested the members present that they should raise this point whenever any higher NVS Officials visit their Vidyalayas. Mr Vijay Dave, the President of AINVSA Gujarat, in his elocution stressed upon the dire necessity of Warden post in Navodaya Vidyalayas.The teachers could pay more attention to their professional development if such posts are created.T his would save their time and they could teach more effectively the rural talented children of this country. He also emphasized that work hours should be fixed in Navodaya Vidyalayas.

Many other members also opined and shared their concern about the step motherly treatment of the Government in granting Old Pension to NVS employees. Indefinite Strike and Court cases were the only options available. Mr R.P Jadhav implored that the Bye-laws of the association should be made stronger, there should be monetary avenues for the association and that the Association should be recognized at the earliest. AINVSA should fight for its own RECOGNITION first. Similarly some rules should be chalked to inspire those who have joined in between 2004 and 2009, to make them join this struggle for Old Pension.Mr J.D.Painter of JNV Dahod also added that 40% staff at Vidyalaya level are not involved in such moments, and the Association should ponder over that.The Association should challenge the ‘Transfer Policy’ of NVS. Sometimes Samiti transfers an employee on Admn ground without any cause just to adjust another employee, of which he himself is a victim. In such cases the transferred employee becomes the juniormost in this new vidyalaya.The association should raise this question: Whether the seniority is lost to the employee transferred on administrative ground by NVS ,wthout any fault or any wish of the employee. Mr Jayesh Desai(Joint Secretary,AINVSA Gujarat) of JNV Banaskantha stressed on the importance of defined work hours in Navodaya Vidyalayas. That the root cause of 80% grievances in any Navodaya Vidyalaya was the erratic work schedule.We do not find any similarity in the work schedule timings in any of the Navodaya Vidyalayas in Gujarat forget about those in the country. Thus a comparison starts in, and the employees of the Vidyalaya where there is a tight schedule/ more work hours are in a fighting mood with the Principals with no fault of his. It was important and in the interest of both the Prinicpals and the staff to have a common timetable in Navodaya Vidyalayas throughout the country. He further cited examples of other orgainisations and institutions wherein OTA(overtime allowances), compensatory leave etc were provided in lieu of the extra work they put in .Even in police deptt which calls for twenty four hours duty, there is a rotational rest of every 04 hours in between. Its totally funny that we are rejected Old Pension on the ground that we are getting Special allowance of 10%,(say Rs2000/- or so) , as Old Pension is also provided to those institutions wherein the employees are getting more that Rs2000/- as incentives and perks.

The Principal of JNV Patan, Sh. D.Rajeswar Rao spoke at length on the importance of Recognitions of the Associations, that there should be one association wherein all Peons to Principals are members and they should have a Member ID, and then only we should proceed to such activities as Indefinite Strike, Dharna etc.The JAC State meeting should be called and there should be mandatory participation of two members from each Vidyalayas. The presence of the staff could be in some fixed percentage/ ratio of TGTs,PGTs Prinicpals etc. The staff should be increased by NVS to decrease the work load. More recruitments should be done for some of the posts. However, appointing Wardens would sometimes enchance nuisance in administration. He suggested the members present that clear cut resolutions should be formed in meetings such as whether joined after 2004 should be involved or not, what about probationers? Should they be left out etc. and communicated effectively to all Vidyalayas. Feed back should be obtained from all schools regarding the same and then forwarded to the JAC Central level. The meeting was successful , and it ended with a Vote of thanks by Sh.Dinesh Tripathi of JNV Patan.

AINVSA Gujarat puts on record the dedication of Mr.Navneet Chauhan (Convenor and Patan unit Secretary) for organizing and excellently anchoring the programme throughout ,as well as the staff of JNV Patan for taking up the task at this need of the hour. Praises to JNV Gandhinagar and JNV Banaskantha for sending maximum participants from the Unit. Seven members or so ,who have joined NVS after 2004, attended the meeting from JNV Banaskantha showing the spirit that the newcomers are also supportive in the Struggle for Pension GOI-1972.

The resolutions and Charter of demands forwarded by AINVSA GUJARAT to AINVSA CEC and JAC-Central level are as under:

(i)Recognition of Association is a must to legalise our fight for Old Pension and 10% Special allowance to the non-teaching staff.
(ii)The fight for Pension GOI and 10% SA to Non teaching staff should go on. Indefinite Strike and Court case - the only options available.
(iii)Pension GOI-1972 should also be extendable to those who have joined between 2004 and 2009.
(iv)Members would not help anyone in spreading rumours disrupting the unity of Associations. Separate meetings are conducted only to strengthen the pillars of JAC.
(v)AINVSA Gujarat disagrees to some of the points of Rough Draft of Transfer Policy framed recently. The employee should not lose his seniority if he is transferred on Administrative Ground without any cause.
(vi)There should be a “Common Time-table” for all Vidyalayas in NVS. The afternoon or evening timings should also be the same in all Vidyalayas throughout the country.Work hours should be defined and a written direction to this effect should be given by NVS Hqrs,New Delhi.
(vii).There should be Warden post in Navodaya Vidyalayas.For every 100 or 200 students a Warden should be recruited to decrease the work load of teachers and utilize their resources more effectively to the benefit of the students
(viii)Stepping up of pay and bunching both essential to do justice to the Seniors’ pay fixation.
(ix)Members should depend on emails, and make their own email- ids and unit email- ids for speedy and non-financial communications. Communication--a must to strengthen the Association.
Yours faithfully,
Gen.Secretary AINVSA Gujarat Unit
Cell no:09824295709