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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Formation of Regional Level Joint Action Committee

Representatives of
All India Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Principal’s Forum,
All India Navodaya Vidyalaya Staff Association,
Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti employees Association,
All India Navodaya Viodyalaya Catering Asst. Association

Held on 30th August 2009 at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Rajkot (Gujarat)

With a view to come under a single roof and work united for the betterment of the employees, a joint meeting of all the associations/ forums of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti was held on 9th August 2009 at New Delhi. Consequently a joint action committee was constituted to get our just and genuine demands materialized. The demand of 1972 CCS Pension scheme ( GPF cum Pension Scheme ) 1972 has been taken up for the present.
In this connection, a Joint Action Committee of Pune Region was organized on 30th Autust 2009 at JNV Taragadhi (Rajkot ) in Gujarat State.
The programme started with the lighting of lamp and offering of bouquets to the office bearers and members. The host Principal Shri T. M. Nair welcomed the gathering. It was followed by orations of Mr. M. K. Singh (AINVSA), and Mr. Y.P.Vyas (NVSEWA). Mr. M. K. Singh gave brief report on the current happenings of JAC- Central Level. Mr. Y. P. Vyas emphasized on the future course of action to be taken at JAC- Pune Regional level.. Mr. R. Anchuri , conducted the proceedings.
The second session commenced with ‘action plans’ prepared by each association. The GPF cum Pension scheme (1972) was highlighted. The Office Bears of different associations focused on the implementation of Old Pension Scheme ( GOI- 1972) in NVS, especially to those joined prior to 01.01.2004. Special allowance of 10% to Non-Teaching Staff was emphasized, as well.
Mr. Sajith. S. Nair, Gen. Secy. Of AINVSA (Gujarat Unit) explained the general guidelines for observing the teacher’s day as “Hunger work day “ on 5th September 2009. Mr. A. K. Prasad called upon the unity of all associations to achieve the demands successfully. Mr. K. M. Dhankecha (LDC), and Mr. Buwade (Librarian) also expressed their views. The other speakers who spoke on the occasion were Mr. Vijay Dave (Music Teacher)JNV Porbandar, Mr. Kanjiya,( TGT Hindi) JNV Panchmahal, Mr. R. D. Bamaniya ( O.S.) JNV Diu, Mrs. Anita Mokhade( PGT Biology)JNV Rajkot, Mr. R. A. Chavda (TGT) Gujarati) JNV Rajkot Mr. Manohar (TGT S.St.) JNV Ratnagiri, etc..
The list of members of JAC – Pune Region was compiled, consequent upon the nominations by different associations/forums(Annexure 2).Mr. S. V. Patil, Vice Principal of JNV Rajkot proposed a vote of thanks.


The members of JAC – Pune Region formed on 30th August 2009, in compliance with the decision of JAC – Central Level, decided as under:

1 A team of Vidyalaya employees to meet the Hon’ble M.P. of their Parliament constituency on or before 05th Septembar 2009 with a well prepared representation.
2. It has been decided to observe 5th September 2009(Teachers Day) as “Hunger Work Day” to draw the attention of authorities of Govt. of India for the dare need to implement GPF Cum Pension Scheme to those employees of NVS who have joined prior to 01-01-2004
3. All the teaching& non teaching staff including Principals will work on 5th September 2009 with at most dedication but Fasting the whole Day.
4. Since 5th September 2009 is Saturday and not a working day for regional offices of NVS and Head quarters, they will be attending the near by JNVs and ensure participation of Hunger Work Day.
5. The Gandhian method of fasting and working has been unanimously decided by JAC – Central Level taking into account the tolerance we have exhibited during the last two decades on the Pension issue, the commitment to the students and the society in the ongoing process of Nation building.
6. The members of JAC- Pune Region and other members who attended the meeting will take the responsibility to disseminate this message to all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas across the Pune Region .
7. State wise/Unit wise the member should take the responsibility to mobilize all the employees, in order to make fasting on 5th September a Grand Success.
8. Wide publicity should be given to the same through news papers, TV,Radio and other mass media by the units as well the JAC – Pune Region Members.
9. The matter should also be brought to the notice of the respective Member of Parliaments (M.P.s), all the Ministers of the Central Government by individual JNVs and JAC – Pune Region members.
10. JAC – Pune Region will Meet again after successful observance of Hunger Work Day to review the same and to decide the further course of action

51 Members from various associations attended the meeting. The list is enclosed as annexure 1.

T. M. Nair Y. P. Vyas M. K. Singh
Principal’s forum ( NVSEWA) (AINVSA)

Meeting of Regional Level Joint Action Committee at JNV, Rajkot on 30th Aug.’2009
The following members attended the meeting:

Sr.No. Name of the Employee Designation Full address along with name of JNV and mobile No. Signature
01 Mr. M. K. Singh(CEC)
AINVSA TGT-ENG. JNV, Kathlal Dist. Kheda, Mob. 9427087690

02 Mr. S.S. Nair (Gen Sec., Gujarat.)
AINVSA TGT-ENG. JNV Borkhadi , Dist. Surat
03 Mr. V .N. Dave
President Gujarat
Mob. 9825887015
04 Mr.Y.P. Vyas(CEC)
NWSEWA OS JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot
Mob. 9427184108
05 Mr.C.B. Trivedi(CEC)
Mob. : 9427051553
06 Mr. R. D. Bamania OS JNV, Diu (U.T.)
07 Mr. N. K. Maheshwari LDC JNV, Kutch
Mob. : 9825777320
08 Mr. R.M. Jadeja Lab.Att. JNV, Kutch
Mob. : 9825776920
09 Mr. Rameshwar Kumavat PGT-GEO JNV, Kutch
Mob. : 9426899227
10 Mr. Niraj Jani PET-M JNV, Kodinar
Mob. : 9824302939
11 Mr. N. J. Kanziya TGT-Hindi JNV, Kalol, Panchmahal
Mob. 9427088706
12 Mr. Vijayan P.K. PGT-Bio. JNV, Ratnagiri(MS)
Mob. : 9637704544
13 Mr. Manohar Sagar TGT-S.St. JNV, Ratnagiri
14 Mr. H. A. Vanvi LIB. JNV, Junagadh
Mob. : 9427212620
15 Mr. A.M. Darji TGT-Guj. JNV, Jamnagar
Mob. : 9427997277
16 Mr. V. R. Kurad Store Keeper JNV, Surendranagar
Mob. : 9979116347
17 Mr. S. P. Chande Store Keeper JNV, Porbandar
Mob.: 9428377175
18 Mr. B. L. Der Chowkidar JNV, Porbandar
19 Mr. V. G. Sadia Lab. Att. JNV, Porbandar
Mob. : 9925744321
20 Mr. V. K. Odedri Chowkidar JNV, Porbandar
Mob. : 6979036308
21 Mr. R. M. Rathod Driver JNV, Porbandar
Mob. : 9904797924
22 Mr. M. P. Vaniya TGT-Maths JNV, Porbandar
Mob. : 9638160286
23 Mr. K. M. Dhakecha LDC JNV, Porbandar
Mob. : 9825460640
24 Mr. K. A. Prasad TGT S.St. JNV, Aliabada, Dist. Jamnagar
Mob. : 9638345851
25 Mr. A. K. Prasad Vice Principal JNV, Aliabdad, Dist. Jamnagar
Mob. : 9979538734
26 Mr. S. B. Buwade LIB. JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
27 Mrs. P.B. Patil PGT Chem JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 99796044334
28 Mrs. B.R. Parekh TGT .S.St. JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9428464294
29 Mrs. B.J. Lawrence Staff Nurse JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9427564497
30 Mrs. B. Jabeen PET-F JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9427200638
31 Mrs. Jyoti Patel TGT Eng. JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9427220954
32 Mrs. Latha Anchuri TGT Sc. JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
33 Mr. Deepak Charan TGT Hindi JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9427730847
34 Mr. Vitthal Suryavanshi TGT Maths JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9427243379
35 Mr. Navneet Soni PGT Hindi JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9426841625
36 Mr. B. S. Jat TGT Hindi JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9427728267
37 Mr. K.T. Vankar TGT Guj. JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9426992445
38 Mr. D.V. Mirani TGT Maths JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9898232200
39 Mr. N. A. Gajen ART Tr. JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. 9727720692
40 Mr. R.A. Chavda TGT Guj. JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9825384948
41 Mr. P.R. Gadhavi TGT Eng. JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9879512526
42 Mr. K.L. Shah PGT Maths JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9428891769
43 Mr. R.M. Jogi Chowkidar JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9723369159
44 Mr. M. N. Parmar Mess Helper JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. : 9824248627
45 Mr. S. G. Zapada Driver JNV, Targhadi, Dist. Rajkot.
Mob. :
46 Mr. Ashivinkumar PET-M JNV, Jamnagar
Mob. : 9724749149
47 Mr. A. S. Makwana LIB. JNV, Jamnagar
Mob. : 9998251409


Members of the Joint Action Committee – Pune Region

1.Mr T.M.Nair, Principal, JNV Rajkot
2.Mr.R.D.Bamania,O.S,JNV Diu
3.Mr.A.K.Prasad,Vice Principal,JNV Jamnagar
4.Mr.Sajith.Nair,JNV Surat
5.Mr.Dive,O.S, RO Pune
6.Mr.R.G.Ugle,JNV Nashik
7.Mr.K.M.Dakecha,L.D.C,JNV Patan
8.Mr.S.P.Deshpande,O.S,JNV Amravati
9.Mr.K.Sanjay,Principal,JNV Surat
10.Mr.Kishore Parmar,U.D.C,JNV Patan
11.Mr.V.L.Shene, JNV Gadchiroli
12.Mr.Vijay Dave, JNV Porbander
13.Mr.G.Y.Jadav, UDC JNV Kolhapur
14.Mrs.Anita Mokhade,JNV Rajkot
15.Mr.Borsey,Principal,JNV Gandhinagar
16.Mr.N.S.Pawar,JNV Parbhani
17.Mrs B.Lawrence,JNV Rajkot
18.Mr.A.M.Mishram,Audit Assisstant, R.O Pune
19.Mr.Prakash Pachao,P.A, R.O Pune
20.Mr.Pramod Ghatke, ‘D’group, R.O.Pune

The following members were co opted to the JAC- Pune Region for better mobilization :-
1.Mr,N.Kanjia,JNV Panchmahal
2.Mr.J.N.Bhatt,JNV Gandhinagar
3.Mr.N.N.Jani,JNV Kodinar
4.Mrs.Jabeen,JNV Rajkot
5.Mr.Rameshwar Kumawat,JNV Kutch
6.Mr.Ananth Joshi,JNV
7.Ms.Sonal Ghantiya,JNV Gandhinagar
9.Mr.J.D.Painter,JNV Dahod.
10.Mr.R.M.Rathod,JNV Porbander

NB: For better functioning of the Regional Level Joint Action Committee members could be re-shuffled, if needed, in consultation with Office bearers of various associations.