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Friday, November 28, 2014


             STAFF OPINION Asked in Ammending Transfer Policy of 2012

AINVSA appreciates and wholly acknowledges; kudos to NVS for its new draft of Transfer Policy 2014.

Thanks for making it come down to 5 years  in case of Request Transfers and some new staff welfare measures in the ammended said Policy.


 Dear Friends /JNV employees

Write your suggestion for ammendments in the New Transfer Policy Draft  uploaded by NVS , in the Headquarter website. Some guidelines of the suggestions as received from different ends can be seen in the former blog write ups.
SUGGESTION1 and SUGGESTION 2 given under, but put it  in a tabular form

Please send by email, fax or speed post from your Vidyalaya, GET IT FORWARDED BY YOUR PRNCIPAL  to RO for onward transmission to NVS Hqrs as invited by NVS. Last date being 30 Nov,2014 please hurry up !

Write as per PROFORMA uploaded in  NVS website in a letter format through Proper channel, especially justifying the points and quoting the Clause for it.



  OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS THE DOORS ONLY ONCE                                                                                            


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Objection, addition/ deletion in clauses of New Revised Draft Transfer Policy SAMPLE of SPOUSE CASE Received

Suggestion 1.


UNDER  2. Guiding/ Basic Principles


Modification of (t)  i)   Request Transfer on Spouse ground:     



                                                to insert clauses  f, g, h after clause (e)      


f) Vacancy position should be displayed by the Samiti in the website. Couples desiring  posting  under Unification of Spouses category , orders  ought to be  straightway  issued  for filling up of thoseVacancies, prior to transfer of employees in other categories., and after filling up of vacancies by those returning from NER & Hard & Very Hard stations. This Spouse category of  employees  are  not  required  to participate in further counselling process., just like those for North East( NER) & Hard & Very Hard stations, category.


 g)They should not be waiting till the commencement of online counselling session, but unification of spouses should be and could be done anytime of the year.


   h) Vacancies,if not should be created by invoking the displacement count, especially if the present employee in that place , where either of the spouse desires,  has served therein for more than 10 years


Justication:  1.Spouse got married recently  need not wait for one year for unification                                         

                      2. Their vacancy would be blocked by other categories., if not done prior to  

                      3. They can work  more dedicatedly , lead a normal family life,and have more job  

                        4.Vacant posts need not lie vacant till online counselling , it should  not be affecting students’ studies.




Suggestion 2



Insert  e) To unify the spouse in NVS/JNV, under d of 6. ADMINISTRATIVE TRANSFER OF EMPLOYEES


                  Justification: The objectives of 'Administrative transfer' and 'Displacement' ,should be the same, i.e  the  paras showing the objectives or rather  the clauses should be the same ( ibid 11 A. 3)


Congrats NVS friends, NVS revised the TRANSFER POLICY, last date for suggestion 30 Nov,2014

Open NVS Headquarters website for the latest update on 13/11/2014

Transfer Policy Revised,  see the draft by clicking the link below.

 Some major changes
*5 Years Normal tenure for Request, but 10 years for Displacement
*  Online counselling process

Monday, November 10, 2014

Staff Welfare Measures by AINVSA

  Dear All,

 Despite HRD Ministry's direction to amend the existing Transfer Policy , by inclusion of Staff opinion and a policy having more transparency, NVS is adamant of making Administrative Transfers and Public Interest Transfers intermittently.

A) Consolidated list of Administrative Transfers in all eight regions

AINVSA takes this venture to consolidate a list of recent administrative transfers/public interest transfers done through out all the 08 Regions, and represent in this regard to the concerned grievance cells and departments. Kindly send  details in this connection such as database in excel sheet  indicating your name, designation, last posting/parent place, present posting or place of admin/public interest transfer, date of joining this new place or if not joined how and where represented etc to Shri TPMani by email (Email id, promptly., with a c.c to
Administrative transfers should not be done in the mid-session, as it disturbs the academics /studies of the students. The administrative transfers or public interest transfers, if any, done in good faith and bonafide reasons, should have been substantiated with Spouse Categories. The paras in Transfer policy on administrative grounds envisages that the administrative transfers should be done to those not conducive to the Vidyalaya atmosphere, after the conclusion of disciplinary proceedings, and should have been reported by the end of March of that academic year.

B) Spouse- case  list , wishing Request Transfers

 Its found that some vidyalayas have vacant posts of both the spouses. NVS should not feel hesitant in giving transfers to the spouses seeking it  in respect of  the Unification of Spouse circulars, in line with  all the Central,Autonomous, Statutory bodies etc, in compliance to the Personal Ministry circulars to all the Ministries and departments. The spouses could be and should be transferred at any time of the year to make them lead a normal family life, and supporting NVS in filling those vacancies. NVS should adhere to amicable solution such as displacing those who have crossed more than 10 years, in order to set those spouses., to avoid more and more CAT and High Court cases.
On the contrary sending those spouses who have knocked the doors of CAT  to North east region defies the principles of natural justice., as North east region has been declared as Hard station by NVS and all Central Govt departments. 

Kindly send the names of both the spouses, designation and name of jnvs where working and where desiring to get posted; provided both the posts are vacant or likely to be vacant clearly mentioning the same at the earliest to Shri TP Mani , by email with a c.c to, the office bearers of AINVSA in their respective Regions, SEC AINVSA office bearers of State etc.
C)Mutual case Transfers aspirants and those advocating Counselling camps should write the same to AINVSA
AINVSA invites those desiring Mutual transfers to write to the aforesaid email ids, quoting the details of places to be exchanged  and willing  person's details,  for future representations in this regard. AINVSA appeals NVS to resume Mutual Request Transfers and Counselling Camps for Request transfers unconditionally and expeditiously, for staff welfare


LONG LIVE AINVSA !                                                                                LONG LIVE T.P.MANI !