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Friday, March 25, 2011

Latest efforts by AINVSA

1.Represented NVS regarding Working hours as per RTI reply. Ref.AINVSA/CEC/2011/68 .Date : 04/02/2011

2.Submitted a memorandum(AINVSA/ 2010-11/ P-171 Dated-0 5/02/2011) to Sri.P K Biju, M P,Alathur Constituency, Kerala who raised the question on implementation of GOI pension in the Parliament

3.Submitted a memorandum to Sri. K C Venugopal, Minister of Power from States and one to Smt Sonia Gandhi through him

4.Conducted Uttaranchal State Convention at Dehradun on 27th February national Gen.Secreatry attended

5.Conducted Kerala State Convention at Always on 20th February. National President attended

6.Represented the commissioner, NVS regarding issue of granting recognition by completing the pending procedure.

7.Represented the Jt.Secretary (SE)Dept of School Education & Literacy ,MHRD to direct NVS regarding issue of granting recognition by completing the pending procedure.

8.Submitted an application to get appointment with Smt Sonia Gandhi through Sri.K P Dhanapalan.M P F. No: AINVSA/CEC/ 2010-11/196 Date:09/03/2011

9Submitted an application to get appointment with Prime Minister of i through Sri.P T Thomas .M P F. No: AINVSA/CEC/ 2010-11/197

For more details: open, as well

SAFETY AND SECURITY :Online Petition for regular/permanent Wardens and Matrons

Sir /Ma'am

Please take 05 minutes to read the write up below.....

It will save the lives of innocent kids of this country and your own jobs

Always at your service...


Dear friends


You may be aware that there were two death incidents recently of students belonging to Pune Region. A girl committed sucide reportedly in the bathroom of the dormitory at JNV Kodinar(Junagadh) in Gujarat on 13th of March. While another boy student --a migration-student from JNV Dumra(Kutch)--was drowned too, within a week, at JNV Rajasmand . AINVSA Pune Region greatly mourns and laments over their demise. May the ALMIGHTY GOD give their parents, near and dear ones the strength to bear the great loss. AINVSA Pune Region (REC) and AINVSA CEC are with them and the staff of JNV Junagadh and JNV Kutch at this hour of grief.

The working hours allocated to the teaching staff in Navodaya Vidyalayas are such that very little time is left to the staff to attend to their own sons and daughters let alone the wards of their respective houses. Children are very sensitive during their adolescence period. Individual attention should be given to them to cater to their emotional and psychological needs.We should not stake the lives of these innocent kids for want of a few bucks such as 800 Rs as allowance, or our own jobs for that matter. We should invariably and uncategorically renounce HouseMaster ship task., and urge the Samiti to give these tasks to Warden and House Attendants directly recruited with this sole purpose. Pschological Counsellors should be deputed to assist these Wardens and Matrons..

The NVS officers directly alleges the H.M s accountable , even though they have done their jobs sincerely. The teacher may be a good teacher and an H.M ,but is suspended and attached/transferred.…,or even terminated if such untoward happenings occur in any Vidyalaya., whatsoever may be the cause. This may transpire to you ,too , for perhaps no fault of yours, in the days to come. We should not wait for our chance to come , but raise our cudgel and ask Warden and Matron regular posts in Navodaya Vidyalayas , instead of just miserly aspiring for enhancement of allowance.—for the Safety and Security of these innocent kids.

AINVSA Pune Region (R.E.C) take this unfortunate moment to raise a petition on line through the masses—staff of Navodaya Vidyalayas throughout the country for the demand of permanent/regular posts of Warden and Matrons in Navodaya Vidyalayas, to avoid the occurrence of such tragic incidents and review the Safety and Security measures in the true sense of the word.

PLEASE LOG ON TO: and click on “Sign the Petition” mentioned below. It will take only two minutes, but will save your jobs and the lives of these innocent kids of this country.

AINVSA REC implores AINVSA CEC and all staff to have one stand., and opinion. Unity is our strength. Don’t ask for allowance as well as warden. Only opt for one. It is upon you to decide. But if you agree with us, then don’t delay in signing the petition. Forget the differences and just do it !!!

You can make your petition anonymous too, if you are apprehensive. Just open the website to see how many have boldly clicked/signed the petition with audacity. Spread this message for the sake of lives and jobs in Navodaya Vidyalayas. This would benefit all --- the Principals R.Os and Hqrs as well; from such blemishes in the years to come.

I remain as ever ,

Yours fraternally
I./c Gen.Sec., AINVSA Pune Region

-On behalf of AINVSA and all staff who have been asking for Warden and Matron regular post in Navodaya Vidyalayas in every representations, meetings etc to NVS officials.