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Wednesday, October 29, 2008



Vice-Principal GradeII 7500-12000 8000-13500 PB-3 5400
GradeI 8000-13500 10000-15200 PB-3 6600

PRINCIPAL 10000-15200 12000-16500 PB-3 7600



TGT Grade III 5500-9000 7450-11500 PB-2 4600
Grade II 6500-10500 7500-12000 PB-2 4800
Grade I 7500-12000 8000-13500 PB-2 5400

PGT Grade III 6500-10500 7500-12000 PB-2 4800
Grade II 7500-12000 8000-13500 PB-3 5400
Grade I 8000-13500 10000-15200 PB-3 6600


No. Name of the Post Revised Pay Scale as recommended by Vth Pay Commission-- (in Rupees) Revised pay structure approved by Govt. of India
Pay Band Corresponding Pay Scale Grade Scale
1. Commissioner 18400-500-22400 PB-4 37400-67000 10000
2. General Manager 18400-500-22400 PB-4 37400-67000 10000
3. IFA& CAC 14300-400-18300 PB-4 37400-67000 8700
4. Joint Commissioner 14300-400-18300 PB-4 37400-67000 8700
5. Deputy Commissioner 12000-375-16500 PB-3 15600-39100 7600
6. Assistant Commissioner 10000-325-15200 PB-3 15600-39100 7600
7. Executive Engineer 10000-325-15200 PB-3 15600-39100 7600
8. Accounts Officer 7450-225-11500 PB-2 9300-34800 4800
9. Section Officer 6500-200-10500 PB-2 9300-34800 4800
10. Private Secretary 6500-200-10500 PB-2 9300-34800 4800
11. Hindi Officer 6500-200-10500 PB-2 9300-34800 4800
12. Assistant Engineer 6500-200-10500 PB-2 9300-34800 4800
13. Assistant 5000-150-8000 PB-2 9300-34800 4200
14. Audit Assistant 5000-150-8000 PB-2 9300-34800 4200
15. Personal Assistant 5000-150-8000 PB-2 9300-34800 4200
16. Editorial Assistant 5000-150-8000 PB-2 9300-34800 4200
17. Legal Assistant 5000-150-8000 PB-2 9300-34800 4600
18. Statistical Assistant 5000-150-8000 PB-2 9300-34800 4200
19. Hindi Translator 5000-150-8000 PB-2 9300-34800 4200
20. Junior Engineer 4500-125-7000 PB-2 9300-34800 4200
21. U.D. Clerk 4000-100-6000 PB-1 5200-20200 2400
22. Stenographer Gr.’D’ 4000-100-6000 PB-1 5200-20200 2400
23. Computer Operator 4000-100-6000 PB-1 5200-20200 2400
24. Caretaker 4000-100-6000 PB-1 5200-20200 2400
25. L. D. Clerk 3050-75-3950-80-4590 PB-1 5200-20200 1900
26. Gestetner Operator3050-75-3950-80-4590 PB-1 5200-20200 1900
27. Electrician 3050-75-3950-80-4590 PB-1 5200-20200 1900
28. Staff Car Driver3050-75-3950-80-4590 PB-1 5200-20200 1900


ALL INDIA NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA STAFF ASSOCIATION (AINVSA) Wishes all Navodayans,Happy Deepavali and a bright and prosperous New Year. Let the new year bring with it the news of implementation of 6TH PAY at the earliest with special package, implementation of Old Pension Policy (GOI 1972), Recognition of AINVSA and the like.


T.P.MANI (President) J.K.Singh(Gen.Secretary)

SALARY HIKE i.r.o 6th Pay Commission

There is a possibility of 10% increase in basic Residential allowance to all the staff of Navodaya Vidyalaya. There is also probability of increase in T.A and D.A in respect of staff of Navodaya. Kudos to the AINVSA office members for their accomplishments and thanks to the bureaucrats for acknowledging them. The proposals have been put up in the finance department for further action .

Saturday, October 18, 2008



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10) AINVSA saga:T.P.MANI

Association of the Run away

Those who ran away from A P Bhavan New Delhi along with Sri.L B Reddy met at the CPM M P’s residence and made him the patron of that association.Sri.Jagdeesh Rai was made the President and Sri.L B Reddy as the General Secretary. They made a list of CEC members and circulated to all schools. What they are doing is illegal and unreasonable and unethical. Those who had left the association cannot work under the banner of AINVSA.They don’t have the right to carry the banner of AINVSA and continue to cheat the people. It is obvious that they don’t want to work for the welfare of the staff of NVS.They only wants to organize big meetings in which CEC has no power or awareness and collect huge sum. It is my earnest request to all members of AINVSA and the staff of NVS to identify them and defeat their evil designs. We want to carry out our struggle for recognition, pension, dignified working environment and good Service conditions. LONG LIVE AINVSA!!! JAI HIND


4th national Convention at A P Bhavan New Delhi on 27th April 2008
In the name of 4th National Convention of AINVSA Sri.L B Reddy held a function at A P Bhavan New Delhi on 27th April 2008.Smt Brinda Karat Inaugurated the convention. No leaders other than those of Communist Marxist Party of India were allowed to participate in the function. In the afternoon Sri L B Reddy presented a fake account statement. People who were not aware of the hidden irregularities left the statement untouched. It was not discussed. By eliminating President T P Mani and majority of CEC members Sril L B Reddy and the M P tried to create a new CEC.But 75% of the members gathered there resisted this. When they could not present their panel they left for M P residence. At this time the in-charge General Secretary along with others entered the stage and with the wholehearted permission they formed the new CEC of AINVSA.Sri.T P Mani as the Preisdent, Sri.J K Singh as the General Secretary and Sri.M K Singh as the Treasurer the committee was formed. On account of anti organizational activities and financial manipulation the following people were removed from AINVSA Sri. L B Reddy, Sri. Jadadish Rai, Sri. B L Sirsat, Sri.SS Dora and Smt. Jyothi Panwar. The convention also passed a memorandum containing 51 demands. After the 4th National Convention the new CEC members met at the meeting held at Radhakrishna Dharmasala at Lajput Nagar, New Delhi. The meeting was presided over by Sri. T P Mani.At the meeting the future plan of action was discussed.


Mass Dharna at Jandar Mantar New Delhi on 27.02.08
The mass dharna staged in Jandar Mantar New Delhi on 27.02.08 was a great success. I had congratulated Sri.L B Reddy and all those who worked hard for this. However the organization of the dharna was not discussed with CEC members. This is why most of the CEC members were not present at the dharna. When I was asked by the NVS HQ regarding the mass dharna I informed them that the dharna was not organized in proper consultation with the CEC but we do not oppose it. We were in view that taking into account of the dire nature of the situation prevailing in NVS and the pathetic condition of the staff working in JNVs such an initiative would add a cutting edge to our actions. More over some of our prominent CEC office bearers like the Publication Secretary and the Vice Presidents were also there. I requested Sri. L B Reddy to keep the great force that has been received after the Mass dharna. But his aim was to own the total success of the dharna to himself personally and not even that of AINVSA.He wanted, it seems to project himself rather than thousands who attended the dharna and other thousands who wished success for it. Taking this as an opportunity to strengthen himself he plotted a scheme to dismiss the official CEC and to cultivate his own crop of people at a 4th National Convention on 27.04.08. He is coming more towards the point of personalizing the organization according to his own wish.
Hunger Strike at Jandar Mantar New Delhi on 26.04.08
A hunger strike was staged on 26.04.08 demanding the recommendations submitted to the VI Pay Commission, better service condition gratuity and GOI Pension Scheme. The hunger strike was held on 26.04.08 from 6 am to 6 pm.Sri.Bal Aapteji, M P and Vice President of BJP inaugurated the hunger strike.Sri.T P Mani presided over. Famous congress party leader and M P Sri.Karana Chand Yadav and leaders of Central govt employees’ organizations felicitated at the strike. Later the problems of NVS staff were discussed with the Joint Commissioner Sri.Alok Verma. The members which participated in the hunger strike opined that they must participate in the so called 4th National Convention convened by Sri.L B Reddy.They also demanded that the President and all CEC members should be invited to it. On account of that 16 members from various states were selected to participate in the convention. However Sri.L B Reddy and the “Hon’ble M P” who is handling the Gen secretary threatened these people. They said that Sri.T P Mani and his supporters would not be allowed to participate in the Convention and if they tried to come they would be handed over to the police. The members returned disappointed as they felt that their own organization is against them. But they were resolute that they would take part in the 4th National Convention come what may.

7)AINVSA saga:T.P.Mani

Meeting held for the implementation of New Pension Scheme (NPS)
In order to implement the New Pension Scheme of the Central Government to employees of NVS a meeting was convened by NVS on 6.6.2007 at NCERT, New Delhi.10 CEC members of AINVSA including me took part in this meeting. Representatives of Principal Forum, Secretary and 5 other members and NVSEWA Gen.Secretary President and 6 other members also took part in the meeting. While AINVSA opposed the implementation of NPS in NVS the Principal forum disagreed with our stand. But later they had to take the similar stand as we did. NVSEWA did not make any categorical statement as to whether they agreed or not. Later they too took the same stand as we did.
Teachers Day Token Protest on 5th September 2007
Initiating the protests against denial of civil liberties and negligence welfare measures AINVSA staged a nationwide token protest on 5th Septemeber, 2007.Most of the Vidyalaya units actively participated in the protest. Various regional office staff also observed the protest from morning till evening. Protesters wore demand badges and it was a great success. But our General Secretary Sri.L B Reddy despised with this token protest. Print media and channels covered the protest in a big way all over the country.
CEC Meeting held at Daman 30/10/2007
In order to review the success of the token protest held on 5th September 2007 a CEC meeting was held at Daman.It was decided to stage mass dharna. However many state committees informed me that the dharna could not be held due to technical problems Because of this the proposed HQ dharna was also subsequently called off. It was felt strongly and deeply that since the General Secretary Sri. L B Reddy was not interested in working as per the requirements of the situation and he kept absent from the organization for long 9 months without least bothering the need for organizational activity Sri. M K Singh was given incharge of Gen.Secretary till and when Sri.L B Reddy would formally let the President and the CEC know his return from the US. It is they who do not know about how many were present in the CEC meeting at Daman and the real state of affairs the organization is undergoing in the absence of a sincere Sri. L B Reddy who make a lot of fuss about his alleged expulsion. And also the Sri. L B Reddy had sent notices against the meeting but majority of the people agreed with the Daman resolutions.


08.12.06- Meeting with NVS Commissioner.
Deriving authority from the CEC meeting held at Bhopal AINVSA submitted a memorandum on VI Pay Commission to the Commissioner NVS at NVS H Q.The proposal were submitted by NVS to the VI Pay Commission without any change. Commissioner, Sri.M S Khanna, D C Sri.HNS Rao represented NVS; and AINVSA was represented by President, Vice Presidents Mr. Y K Sharma, Sri. B L Sirsat, Mr. Krishna Kumar, Publication Secretary Mr. K.M Rajan, Press Secretary Mr. M K Singh, Joint Secretary Mrs. Indira Singh, Organizing Secretaries Mr. A K Mohanta, Mr. P K Gupta, Mr. Regional Organizing Secretaries Mr.C B Trivedi, CEC Member Mr. C D Joy, Treasurer Mr. SS Dora.
The Foreign Tour of the Gen.Secretary Sri. L B Reddy
On the pretext of looking after his daughter during her pregnancy the General Secretary and the key person of the National organization under NVS Sri L B Reddy went to the United States and stayed for nine months without the concern of the running of the Association and thinking of the welfare of twenty thousand staff making the organization’s work to a grinding halt thus forcing the people think that things won’t work out without him. It is the usual principle followed in any organization that when a key person keeps absent from the organization even for a couple of days the charge is handed over to the President who is the leading figure of the organization so that the post will not enjoy arbitrary nature. The charge then could be handed over to the suitable person as per the Committee decision.
How ever, it is a matter of grave concern that our general secretary went to the U.S and stayed there for 9 months without the knowledge of the president or the central Executive Committee. I came to know only when those who had close relations with him talked to me over telephone. He did not hand over the Association’s document to anybody. Any member can easily understand that this is offensive anti-association activity. Who is concerned about the welfare of thousands of poor employees who look towards leadership so eagerly? Every one was deceived.
Joint Action Committee meeting
At JNV Bhopal a joint meeting of National Committee members of AINVSA, NVSEWA and Principal Forum (AIJNVPF) was held on 25/05/2007. The intention was to form an action council in order to pressurize the NVS and government. The meeting which was held under the presidentship of the President of Principal forum was attended by majority of the CEC members of AINVSA and several people from NVSEWA including the President and the General Secretary. Although we had decided to form an action council its work did not progress appreciably well. It was mainly because the representatives of Principal’s Forum and NVSEWA held the view that the action plan proposed by the AINVSA could not be implemented right then.


Bhopal CEC Meeting
On 19.11.2006 in order to discuss some grave issues I had requested the General Secretary Sri. L B Reddy to convene a meeting any were in the Pune Region. But he had refused it outright.Consquently I decided to convene the meeting of the CEC at JNV Parbani.The venue was arranged by the Vice President Sri.B L Sirsat. But the secrete deal between himself and Sri.L B Reddy resulted out into sending a message to me that the meeting could not be held there due to some circumstances. In the predicament another Vice President Sri. Y K Sharma and Organizing Secretary Sri.P K Gupta came to my help. Thus to meeting was fixed at Bhopal. Thus the meeting was held at Mark Hotel on 19.11.2006.
Sri.L B Reddy stood away from the meeting on the pretext that his wife was ill. It was in this CEC meeting the maximum number of office bearers took part. The CEC took the decision to submit the memorandum regarding VIth Pay Commission to NVS Commissioner. There CEC discussed the antiorganisation activities and corrupt practices. The CEC took the decision to serve an explanation letter to the Gen.Secretary Sri. L B Reddy. All the vacant posts were filled up in this meeting. Thus the total strength was achieved. But our gen. Secretary Sri. L B Reddy preferred to brand this meeting illegal.
Memorandum to the Sixth Pay Commission
The memorandum, which was passed by the CEC meeting, held on 19.11.2006 at JNV Bhopal Was submitted on 4.12.2006.AINVSA demanded that Navodaya staff work for more than 18 hours therefore we must be paid salary higher than that of the day school staff. The same memorandum that we had submitted to the VI Pay Commission was submitted to the Commission by the Commissioner NVS.NVS made the same demands, which we had included in the memorandum. In short, NVS did not make any considerable changes in the memorandum. NVS submitted this on 29.12.2006 to VI pay commission and they stated that NVS staff must be paid special allowances.
Recommendation by the Sixth Pay Commission
Teaching staff and Mess Workers of Navodaya Vidyalayas
Higher pay scales have been demanded for the teaching staff and Mess Workers of Navodaya Vidyalayas on the ground that they have to put in higher hours of work every day of the week as compared to the staff working in day schools. They have also demanded introduction of pension scheme. Navodaya Vidyalayas are autonomous and as such are not covered under the terms of reference of the Commission. While no recommendation can be made in their case, however, their demand appears justified especially as the teachers and staff working in these schools will have to put in greater efforts vis-à-vis similar employees working in day schools. While the Commission makes no recommendation for residential allowance, because their terms of reference do not include Navodaya Vidyalayas, the Government should consider grant of a special allowance in these schools on par with that being recommended by the Commission for Military Schools in Ministry of Deface and the Oak Grove School in Ministry of Railways. A similar dispensation can be considered for Sainik schools as well.


Tri-Regional Convention
The Tri Regional Convention was held in New Delhi on 27.08.2006 in a big way. It was to project the strength of the Association in the Northern pat of India. Even the whole programmes were event-managed by a political party (CPM). The office bearers of AINVSA at national level were kept at bay. Their involvement was cleverly prevented. No one new what was going to happen till it all happened?
The First Spilt in AINVSA.
We believed that AINVSA is unsinkable like the Titanic. We believed that the words split; division or faction would be alien to our Association. And it was true till recently. It was by the collusion of Sri.L B of the Joint Commissioners of NVS and a few staff of Regional offices the ground for the longitudinal division of AINVSA was prepared. Thus by splitting NVSEWA took birth. The split is the result of intrigue, unfaithfulness and deception
Unauthorized Meetings
Doubting that he could not make a dent in the association so easily Sri. L B Reddy without the awareness of the President and the CEC a leadership camp was organized in New Delhi for two days. It was with the connivance with a few those attended that camp Sri L B Reddy schemed his further moves.


After the 3rd National Convention
Sri L B Reddy who joined AINVSA in 2005 despite being in service for such a long time was working hard to convince the people that the phenomenal growth of AINVSA after 2002 was due to his work and we tried to personalize all achievements during this period. He tried to affiliate AINVSA with STFI a Communist Party of Marxist feeder Association. He tried to replace the Emblem of the Association with another one as part of his movement to paint the association in a different colour for a different cause. He removed the Emblem from the official letter pad. However when the CEC members strongly protested against this aberration he was forced to comply with.His intention was clear beyond an iota of doubt. He wanted to concentrate the powers of the Association to himself.he wanted to run single man’s Big Show and proclaim to the world that he did it. I must bring to the notice of every one of you that I and a few others were striving really hard to get the Association recognized .Our efforts were despised by him and tried to nullify our noble efforts. It was due to the effort of me, Sri.C D Joy and Sri.SS Dora that we could submit 6450 applications to NVS for recognition at the Tri-Regional Convention held at New Delhi. Sri.L B Reddy with the active support and patronage of a Rajya Sabha M P has been trying to block the recognition to AINVSA because they are pretty sure that only if the recognition is prevented the Association will continue to serve as a puppet to the political party to which it belong. We are certain beyond doubt that it was because of the secret agenda of the M P and Sri.LB Reddy recognition is still evading us. I have submitted 7250 applications with all the necessary documents to NVS.Sri.L B Reddy could not get a single membership and submit to NVS. From this it is evident that L B Reddy is not interested in getting recognition to AINVSA


A New Life to AINVSA
Two court cases had been filed in 2000 and 2001in CAT, Kerala Bench by AINVSA staff to get GOI Pension scheme granted. This along with the joining of Sri.Nabkishore Singh as the Commissioner of NVS gave a new lease of life to Association and enthusiasm to the staff.
New Leadership
When we tried to give a new dimension and face lift to AINVSA and invigorate our activities the staff were greatly enthused and they started joining AINVSA. During such time Sri.LB Reddy also came to join AINVSA as a member . It sounds to be a great irony that such people who never wanted to join AINVSA and fight for the cause of staff during the time of crisis and when the staffs were not allowed respect and citizen’s dignity are today vying for power and clamoring to be heard at national level on all podia. They are not piqued to indulge in dirt slinging and staging any sort of political intrigues and drama. When a National Committee existed Sri.L B Reddy tried to form parallel faction.

3rd National Convention at Hyderabad.
On 22nd January 2006 a convention was held at Sundarayya Smaraka Hall, Hyderabad .It was Sri.L B Reddy who was in the lead as it was held in A P. Exploiting the situation Sri.L B Reddy tried to replace the old line of leaders who sacrificed their whole life for strengthening AINVSA.He tried to obliterate the history and tried to make a lot of distortions so as to get things turn in his favour.He was satisfied only when Sri.L B Reddy was offered the Gen.Secretary post in the National Committee. Thus I accepted the President’s post as majority of the people wanted me to be in vanguard. A 19 member Committee was thus formed. However the Gen Secretary made unauthorized alterations.


Dear Friends,

The major aim of establishing All India Navodaya Vidyalaya Staff Association (AINVSA) in the year 1994 was welfare of staff working under NVS. It was aimed at saving the staff from administrative atrocities and draconian rules and harsh working environment. We indented to work in unison with single-minded devotion to achieve human dignity.
We had to face stiff resistance from administration in the beginning. However, thanks to sheer gut and strong will power for perseverance we could defeat all such adversities. It is to be pointed out that staff did not even dare to join as primary members in AINVSA during 1994-2002.In 1998 I, the then General Secretary and 14 other national committee office bearers were transferred to remote places as cruel punishment. I was suffering from acute asthma. Yet NVS was inclement to it. Though I was transferred to J&K court had interfered and blocked the transfer. But NVS transferred me to still more difficult place like Andaman & Nicobar Island. Though communicating with the people on the mainland from the Island was very difficult I continued to carry out the Association activities during long three years.
Many people who had been punished by transferring like me were either stopped doing association activities or submitted letters of pardon to NVS so as to get the transfer cancelled or get posted to more convenient places. I must assert the fact that there are some officers in NVS still now who held burning vengeance and animosity with Sri.C D Joy and me. It is highly evident that it is such people who are the impediment to recognizing AINVSA and promoting the divisions in our Association. There are people who fall pray to it as they do not have real commitment to staff welfare.

AINVSA since the Early Nineties

AINVSA is a registered Association for all india navodaya vidayalay staff.The association is run by CEC, REC and SEC as office bearers.Sh.T.P.MANI 's members as well as Sh.Reddy's SHOULD voice their opinions. ..HERE...their future course of actions in the larger interest of the Navodaya Staff. Employees should come forward to air their grievance in this blogspot. Your identity would be kept a secret. Just post your detailed grievances to if your are one of those victimised one. If any instigation, manipulations, fabricated charges have been thrown on to you just because you tried to raise a voice, then this is just the right forum to discuss it. Let all employee know what are the things going on in other Navodayas....if you cant then just send a congidentail email to the aforesaid personal email ID. OR open a site developed to help all friends...