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Monday, May 29, 2017

AINVSA Seeks justice and equality of Mandatory transfers on completion of ten years and beyond.

 Justice to be done to those who have been transfered last year on having completed 10 years and beyond, by doing transfers to those left out ones.

AINVSA has received grievance from some of the quarters that though they had some genuine grounds but they were mandatorily shunted out on having completed the normal tenure of Ten years. , such as two or three years left for retirement, medical grounds of their family etc. But it was not heard to and they are presently in another JNVs.

Its astonishing that a few have been left out in some of the Vidyalayas with the same background.And there a few who have completed  more than 20 years and still in the same JNV, without any grounds whatsoever. This has made those who have been shunted out very unhappy.

AINVSA behests the NVS officials that on account of online transfer portal, it would not be difficult to find out those who have crossed beyond 10 years in a present Vidyalaya, and they should be transfered on the head: Transfered beeing on deemed vacancy.  Though there may not be any new incumbent to come to that place, but the former should be transfered inevitably, to do justice to all.


                                                                                                        -AINVSA for Staff Welfare

Friday, May 12, 2017

How to solve Problems in Online Transfer Forms
1) The email id if is in gmail it would be better to get verification link, you would get immediately . So if you are registering through yahoo /rediff etc email id, then drop and shift to your gmail id. 2) NVS ought not to release this when the teaching staff is going on leave,that is at the last week of vacation.If done however, now the submission of the forms to the Principal the print to be handed over before 25 May, when the staff has left to their home town. The only solution is the teaching staff to send to their respective JNVs the filled in online tranfser form and the resultant pdf format to their JNVs by emails. The JNVs need to take print of the same and the mails received to be deemed as submissions

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Transfer procedure should not take so much time to execute, voices NVS employees

The pending  transfers of North East employees , RLT  is released ....thank GOD...and the TRANSFERS of Non-teaching staff kept in abeyance still not released yet.

All the transfers kept in abeyance should be released at one go during May month itself , inorder not to disturb the academics and inter alia matters, cries the employees. Hope NVS authorities are empathetic enough to understand this cries and the grass root level of going hometown during vacation and once again coming to JNVs to get releaved for their respective transfers.

All the transfers of last year 2016-17 ought to have materialied prior to the release of online transfer filling of year 2017-18. Hope the vacancies and the resultant vacancies do not get disturbed.

HOPE AND PRAY that the novice ONLINE TRANSFERs would not take much time as the last year transfers and are executed before the school reopening of JULY 2017....BLESS NVS Sticks to the deadlines declared by them.....