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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

M.I.S Software is a continuous process

        Employees Appeals to NVS not to be too harsh on the completion of MIS

M.I.S software has been unnecessarily made comprehensive and volumnous by NVS. The HRD Ministry' s proformae should be adhered to suggests almost all the employees. Morever, it has been forced to fill up by the teachers, in JNVs during Summative exams  SA1 or during commencement of Winter break, thus deliberately harassing the vacational staff, even threatening of not giving proper headquarter leave has been conveyed in writing to the employees at the eleventh hour, shows how traditional and orthodox , stubborn is the mindset  though the infrastructure and gadgets, softwares are introduced in NVS in line with the elite Public schools. 

The database couldnt be complete in toto, or achieve total completion as it demands continuous updation on the part of the employees., the teachers are made mere clerks and  their teaching part would affect adversely if such volumnous database is asked now and then. The FCSA , PGT Computer Science and the Office Staff should deal with this, instead of throwing the ball in teachers' court. The students were harrased and time wasted during SA 1 by the teachers in asking them their data and forcing them to give their family details etc during exams as the circular was passed onto the employees at the last moment , of SA 1 or Commencement of  Winter break.

The employees have filled the essential database of their own and the students, complied to the immediate superiors directive, but to expect a fool proof completion is an utopia .NVS should either shorten the database, or give more time to the employees on reopening of the Vidyalayas after Winter breaks.

The software already existing in NVS years back , should be activated soon instead of sticking to the completion of database 

                                                                           -   JNV Employees ,especially the teaching fraternity