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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Minutes of Kerala State Convention held on 23 -2-2014

BOYCOTT OR NOTA the Parliamentary Election 2014

Ref. No: AINVSA/CEC/2014/ 0043                                                         Date:-22/03/2014
                               The All Staff Members, NVS
Dear Friends,

   Sub: BOYCOTTING the Coming Parliament Election 2014 or you may put a NOTA (None of the above) reg.:-

    The whole Navodaya Vidyalaya staff are frustrated due to the injustice done by the various Govt. that came to power in centre . They long pending demand for the Implementation of CCS Pension Scheme rule 1972 for Navodaya Vidyalaya staff still remains a far cry, beginning with the hostile attitude of the NDA Govt. , followed by UPA Govt. as well.
    Since the launching of the Navodaya Vidyalayas only less than 300 staff have retired so far. For the coming twenty five years, even if the CCS Pension scheme rule 1972 is implemented, it won’t be a heavy financial burden for the Govt. of India, considering the fact that CPF contribution by the staff already exceeds 500crores.
    We know that the Indian politics is corrupt to the roots and the politicians eye upon the Vote Banks and being a minority group, our demands are neglected.
    AINVSA request all NVS staff to put an end to their ugly Vote Bank Politics by BOYCOTTING the Coming Parliament Election 2014 or you may put NOTA (None of the above).  We should request our Family and Friends also for the same. AINVSA Request the staff to exhibit Posters , Banners and conduct Press meets to attract the attention of the Candidates of various Political Parties and let them know that the Navodaya Vidyalaya staff exercise their franchise  only for those Candidates who will address their grievances.

With regards,
                                                                  Yours Faithfully

                                                      (PRESIDENT, AINVSA, CEC)

       Copy to: The Commissioner, NVS.
                        The All ROs, NVS.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

AINVSA Gujarat reminds Congress of Pension GOI 1972 to NVS employees

AINVSA delegates in Gujarat, handed over the GOI Pension demand letter ,once again, to the Political Advisor of Shri Rahul Gandhi, on 11 March 2014
The meeting of AINVSA with Shri Rahul Gandhi didn't materialize due to strict Election Code of Conduct. However, the Congress party were reminded of our genuine demand. Hope things turn out positive, in our favour, after General Elections.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

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SEND IT by your personal email id with YOUR DETAILS at the end of the sheet,   to ONLY, latest by 25 March 2014, to prove yourself as the UNIT SECRETARY

 Make JNV Employees fill maximum forms(at least online) ,by sms and email campaign. Keep proof of the same to get the designation of Office bearers of AINVSA, in future.

                                                                - AINVSA CEC