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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Minutes of the First State Level Convention of Employees of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya’s of Maharashtra, Goa, and Daman Diu and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, Regional Office, Pune.

In pursuance of the decisions taken at the 2nd JAC (Joint Action Committee) of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti Employees, on 01.10.2009 at PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Chandigarh, a State Level Convention of Employees of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya’s of Maharashtra, Goa, and Daman Diu and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, Regional Office, Pune has been held on 2nd November, 2009 from 10.30 am to 3 pm at Shishak Bhavan, Pune. The Convention was coordinated by Mr. R.T. Lad, Principal, J.N.V Kolhapur and Mr. Maindarge, Principal, J.N.V Pune under the inspiration of Shri. R.S. Nayak, Principal, J.N.V South Goa, who is also the Secretary of National Level JAC.

A total of 56 employees representing all categories of employees from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya’s of Maharashtra, Goa, and Daman, Diu and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, Regional Office, Pune including Principals and Section Officers attended the convention and very sincerely and constructively joined the deliberations and decision making process. The presence and involvement of Mr. Shri. A.S. Sawant, the Principal, J.N.V Raigad, Mr. N.R.Naidu and Mr. K. Subhash Section Officers from Regional Office Pune, indeed provided an extra ounce of reassurance and an added sense of unity to all those gathered at the convention.

The following the agenda points were discussed streamlining the convention.

1.To strengthen the National Level J.A.C, by constituting State Level and Regional Level J.A.C.’s.
2.Appraisal of the preparations made by the JAC (National Level) for the rally on 9th Novemeber, 2009 at New Delhi. make public declaration of the token strike scheduled for 16th November, 2009.
4.To ensure effective and maximum participation at the Mass Rally in New Delhi, on 9th November, from each units/JNV of Pune Region.
5.To inaugurate “Black Badge Days” as circulated in the 2nd JAC meeting minutes, by formally serving and wearing black badges during the convention.
6.To discuss action plans to be followed at Unit Levels for formation of Unit Level JAC. ( i.e. at JNV level ).
Every communications made during this State Level Convention has been very much a sort of cordial interactive programme rather than mere individual speeches. The deliberations were solely concentrating on the issue of Government’s reluctance to grant G.O.I Pension 1972 to the employees of N.V.S. During such deliberations the following decisions have been formed during the State Level Convention.

It has been unanimously agreed that all the employees of N.V.S Pune Region irrespective of their category and designation should come under one banner i.e, of Joint Action Committee of .NVS Employees, to fight for the legitimate ‘RIGHT’ of pension. Every participants at the convention is expected to convey this very important message at their respective units and offices.

The convention appreciated the activities and decisions so far taken by the National Level JAC, and decided to render unwavering support to them.

The convention assessed the outcome of peaceful methods adopted by the employees of the Samiti for getting G.O.I Pension. It has been observed that a lot of crystal clear representations quoting supportive rules and clauses as well as proof of discrimination, to the H.R.D Ministry, observing Hunger Work Day on Teachers’ Day, meeting with H.R.D Minister ..etc, have not prompted the government to call us for any negotiations. We are not even answered “what makes us ineligible for pension? and 10% Special Allowance to Non-teaching staff of JNVs”. Hence, it is decided that an overwhelming support to the Mass Rally on 9th Nov. in New Delhi and an unwavering solidarity to the token strike scheduled on 16th Nov. must be ensured from JAC Pune Region.

The “Black Badge Days” for the employees of NVS Pune Region has been inaugurated. Every participants in the convention wore the badges in protest against Government’s deaf ear towards us. It has been decided that in every units and at R.O Pune, every employees will be issued with the badges and will wear the same till Nov. 7th, 2009 not only in the office premises but also at wherever they move.

Each units under the inspiration of the Principals will ensure maximum participation at the Mass Rally in New Delhi.They ought to prepare and carry a banner on white cloth/flex in the size of 6’x3’. The following matter should be got printed on the banner. – “MASS RALLY OF EMPLOYEES OF NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA SAMITI FOR GRANT OF THEIR RIGHT TO GET G.O.I. PENSION 1972” Besides, as many number of posters and placards as possible, with slogans demanding pension and 10% Special allowance to the non – teaching staff should also be carried. Examples of slogans “OUR DEMAND –


Further it is decided that if the govt. fails to make favourable considerations in the matter of pension and allowance, without any second thought each units under Pune Region will go for a day’s Token Strike in full swing, closing even the Mess. The food for the students may be managed by making it a Parent’s visiting day and asking them to bring food for their wards and Migrated students and thus making them too aware of our plight.

While discussing the formation of State Level and Regional Level J.A.C., it has been learned that to get recognition and legal support from the respective department, for any union or committee, following aspects are to be ensured.
1.Minimum 50% of the total strength of the employees needs to be registered members of the union.
2.Personal consent of the employee needs to be obtained by way of filling up the membership form.
3.Each members of the union should be issued with an identity card.
4. Monthly contribution as decided in the bylaw must be paid regularly by the members.
5.Besides, for the ‘Muscle Power’ the union could seek affiliation from any other registered trade unions of India.

In this context, Mr. R.T. Lad, the Principal, J.N.V Kolhapur and Mr. Maindarge, the Principal, J.N.V Pune, have voluntarily agreed to take up this task for Pune Region.

It is decided that each units will form a unit level JAC comprising representatives from all category of employees, before the end of November2009. Later these unit level office bearers will be assembling at Regional/State Level to elect actual office bearers for the State Level / Regional Level JAC’s.

Unit Level JAC will collect a regular monthly fees of Rs. 20/- (Rupees twenty only) from every member and maintain a fund.

Further, it is unanimously agreed to form two ADHOC JAC COMMITTEES – one at Regional Level and the other at State Level to execute the immediate requirements.

The following are the Conveners and Members nominated during the convention for Pune Region Adhoc J.A.C.


1.Mr. R.T. Lad, Principal, JNV Kolhapur .
2.Mr. B.A. Maindarge, Principal, JNV Pune.
3.Mr. T.M Nair, Principal, JNV Rajkot .
4.Mr. S.P. Borse, Principal, JNV Dhule
5.Mr. K.Sanjay, Principal, JNV Surat
6.Mr. S.G.Gawai, Principal, JNV Junagarh


7.Shri. A.K Prasad, Vice Principal, JNV Jamnagar.
8.Mr. N.R Naidu, Section Officer, Regional Office, Pune.
9.Mr. S.D. Deshpande , Office Suptd , JNV Amaravati.
10.Mr G.Y Jadhav, U.D.C, JNV Kolhapur.
11.Mr. A.M Mesham , Audit Assistant, R.O Pune
12.Mr. Thonde, P.G.T Hindi, JNV Amaravati.
13.Mr. Bhobhate, P.G.T, Hindi, JNV Sangli
14.Mr. Bansode, TGT English, JNV Thane.
15.Mr. C.B. Pedram , Cattering Asst., JNV Ahamadnagar.
16.Mrs. Dhanshri Ingwale, U.D.C , JNV Satara
17.Mr. A.B.Jadhav, Group D , R.O Pune
18.Mr. Laxman Tigote, Driver, J.N.V.Raigad.
19.Mr. S.S Patil, TGT S.St, JNV Ahammadnagar
20.Mr. D.B Lambat, L.D.C, JNV Bhusawal.
21.Mr. R.D Bamania, O.S , JNV, Diu.
22.Mr. Sajith Nair, TGT English, JNV Surat.
23.Mr. P.B. Dive, O.S, JNV Pune.
24.Mr. R.U Ugle, TGT Science, JNV, Nasik.
25.Mr. K.M Dakecha, L.D.C, JNV Porbandar
26.Mr. Pankaj Gosai, U.D.C, JNV Patan
27.Mr. V.L Shende, Lab attendant, JNV Gadchiroli.
28.Mrs. Anitha Mokhade, PGT Bio, JNV Rajkot.
29.Mr. N.S Pawar, Librarian, JNV Parbani.
30.Mrs. B. Lawrence, Staff Nurse, JNV, Rajkot.
31.Mr. Vijay Dave, Music Teacher, JNV Porbandar
32.Mr. Y.P. Vyas, O.S. , JNV Rajkot.

The following are the Conveners and Members nominated during the convention for State Level Adhoc J.A.C. (for Daman & Diu and states of Maharashtra and Goa)


1.Mr. A.S Sawant, Principal, JNV Raigad
2.Mr. S. Chandrashekar, Principal, JNV Valpoi
3.Mr. R.R Khandare, Principal, JNV Ahamadnagar
4.Dr.(Smt) Asha Dubey, Principal, JNV Osmanabad.


5.Mr. Francis M.A. TGT English, JNV South Goa
6.Mr. Shapurkar, PGT Hindi, JNV Pune
7.Mr. Joshi, Librarian, JNV Jalna.
8.Mr. Kulthe, UDC, JNV Daman
9.Mr. Shakil Jamadar, UDC, JNV Silvasa
10.Mr. D.V Khilare, PGT, Geography, JNV Osmanabad
11.Mr. N.P Mehar, Librarian, JNV, Wardha
12.Mrs. Deepa Desai, Staff Nurse, JNV South Goa.
13.Mr. Sutar, Staff Nurse, JNV Osmanabad
14.Mr. Pramod Jachak, Driver, R.O Pune
15.Mr. Nanware Store Keeper, JNV Satara.
16.Mr. Nitin Budhge, O.S. JNV Ahamadnagar.
17.Mr. S.N Naik, Catering Asst. , JNV Latur.
18.Mr. D.N. Mane, LDC, JNV Latur.
19.Mr. V.J. Pise, Mess Helper, JNV Wardha.
20.Mr. Dilip Vihite, O.S. Buldhana.
21.Mr. Narendra Suryawanshi, SUPW, JNV Akola.
22.Mrs.Sharda Ahire, PGT English, JNV Buldhana

The Conveners of this state level convention, Shri. R.T Lad and Shri. B.A Maindarge, besides co-ordinating the convention, assured their continuous and active involvement in strengthening and guiding the State and Regional Level JAC Committees. The other speakers included, Shri. R.S Nayak, the Principal, JNV South Goa who in the capacity of Secretary JAC, Employees of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, reminded the members to stay united and keep up the spirit of the convention in all future occasions. Besides, Shri. N.R Naidu and Shri. K. Subash Section Officers from NVS, R.O Pune, exhorted for unity of all employees for the cause of pension.

Mr. Tonde, PGT Hindi, JNV Amaravati, recounted his experience during a golden chance, he got for meeting with Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Hon. M.P. at his residence in New Delhi. Followed by the meeting of employees at JNV Amaravati on 2nd February, 2009, and utilizing the influential links there, a delegation of 11 members, including, Mr. Thonde met Mr. Rahul Gandhi, on 25th Feb, 2009. It is reported that Shri Gandhi said that their meeting referred to his long cherished desire to meet the employees of NVS. He has been waiting for a chance. Mr. Tonde, expressed his confidence in assurances given to the delegation by Mr. Rahul Gandhi. At the same time he fully agreed that the planned rally and if required the strike will be instrumental for easy fulfillment of those assurances’. The delegation could also meet the Honourable Her Excellency the President of India, on 20th Feb, 2009 and conveyed the grievances.

Mr. Tonde was appreciated for all his selfless efforts and wonderful gains and was requested to utilize all the possible influential corners for the success of the missions of JAC.

The following are some contact numbers for clarifying any doubts and difficulties with regard to the activities of Adhoc JAC, Pune Region.

Mr. R.T. Lad, The Principal, JNV Kolhapur, 09850954008
Mr. Maindarge, The Principal, JNV Pune, 09767274039
Mr. R.S Nayak, The Principal, JNV South Goa 09822228559.

Finally, all Principals of Pune Region are requested to actively involve and personally participate in the Mass Rally at New Delhi on 9th November, 2009 along with maximum members of staff. Let us remember that similar exercises are being carried out in every state and Regions . Let us strengthen this movement of JAC, by pledging our solidarity to the Committee.