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Monday, June 6, 2016

AINVSA THANKS NVS for releasing the T.G.T Transfer list on 2 June,2016

                                                    THANKS NOTE

AINVSA Central Executive Committee ( CEC) Members , heartily thanks the Hon.Commissioner , , the Competent Authority ,Concerned officials, for releasing the TGT Transfer List on 2 June,2016  .  The Staff , is literally pleased ,and will be now prudent enough to take their kids admission promptly, wisely and accordingly.

We are highly indebted to you Sir , for endorsing and acknowledging our request and displaying the Final list on the official website of NVS ,prior to 4/5 June.

Hope the Competent Authority would also release the Creative teachers, V.Ps, Third Lang/Regional Language and  10 year bond teachers, Non teaching staff's  Transfer list, soon, to discard the same admission problems of their kith and kins.

Anticipating  that the Individual Transfer order initiates  before  the monsoon commences, to mitigate the transportation troubles of the  transferred employees.

                                                THANKS ,ONCE AGAIN

                                                                                                              from  A.I.N.V.S.A

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