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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Post Transfer list CIRCULARS must to bridge the gap

NVS should quote the reason for the correct stand for giving or not giving transfers. Plain area person transfer counts, only counted among plain area employees It not to be considered, if priority categories have opted their choices. Transfer count already exempted for four main categories,hence representation or grievances of these four categories should be at least heard,before alloting plain to plain people in their choice places.

The principles of natural justice, of being heard should be there in matters of request transfers ,if not for admin or public interest transfers.
KV gives two chances to represent or correct after displaying the transfer and displacement counts.

Jnv employees should be briefed and be made aware of their coveted vacancies,it's not to be first come first serve basis or based on lottery draw or something.There should be a proper locus standi for transfers done , and a circular released after transfer list released, enlightening all of the procedure ,exceptions done.

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