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Thursday, November 23, 2017

AINVSA an age Old Association should not be in extinct because of Ideological differences.



Way back earlier, when AINVSA was bifurcated Sh T.P.Mani was suggested , directed and even coerced to go to court, when he showed that the original Ceritificate of Registration was with him. That he ought not allow others to  organise National Conventions,accumulate fees amount etc on his behalf.

Howsoever, Shri Maniji desisted , restrained himself from such a step only for staff welfare. That knocking the doors of Court meant  , that it would amount to subjudice  to carry on AINVSA activities for staff  till the matter is settled in Court. Neither of the factions could work for the staff...Consequent upon this, it was not done.

However ,Registering with a different name was the best solution then.But no faction did. Now at this hour ...when we have years spent.....OLD PENSION DEMAND at the door step..,registering with a different name would only mean pushing back the RECOGNITION procedure much behind.....minimum three years or so.

All state and central govt deptts of other institutions and organisation are fighting their war to convert NPS into Old Pension Scheme. At this hour, both the factions joining hands , merging to get AINVSA recognised was the only need of the hour. AINVSA  to espouse the cause of  OLD PENSION SCHEME to all NVS employees alike, irrespective of the year of joining NVS ,was felt upon... AINVSA to support other Central govt Unions and getting their support in return for this agenda of Old Pension, as its a common goal to be achieved all cadre of employees in NVS.

Unfortunately, some of the CEC members in their rececnt CEC meeting turn down the offer , due to the fear of losing their posts/office bearers of AINVSA felt insecure and declined this proposal, and this positive turn-up was nipped in the bud itself, the idea sabotaged and a new Association to be formed was suggested and subsequently done.

Not giving recognition on the pretext of dispute was  a cock and bull story , as why it was not given way back  years ago...when so much Membership forms submitted in the year 2006 or so and there was no dispute as such...AINVSA was registered in 1990s....and why not till 2006... when there were no factions/groups in it... But then it was only delay in verification process by NVS.,????Isn't it?

It seems jnv employees in dealing with kids have an inflated Child ego with them and cant think beyond a certain area. God forbid !!! the same thing can happen in near future to any newly formed association as well. Do they think that the post in their association would be a life long portfolio. If anyone is removed as  office bearer, he would carry on with the same name and followship....two factions within one name .Right? Then?? Then the history would repeat itself.

Friends, sometimes it pays back to think promptly , prudently for the benefit of all.

Escapism is not the solution.  Sabotaging one another was not the solution either in the past, nor is it now...or else two factions would not have survived so far.....would not have carried on for so long. Both team carried on staff welfare issues, and the staff were benefited from their competions to do something for staff. This is the other part of the story. If we think laterally, as an out of the box., then only we would be able to see was only power mongers who did not want both to be united. Howsoever, some spectators also, sitting in their comfort zone found it a pretext only to dissuade themselves and others from being a member of AINVSA or not to come to AINVSA meeting or to resist from filling up renewal of Membership forms.

Anway, it seems a few thing are destined. We cant help. The blogger ,however ends this blog with a positive bent of mind that  AINVSA and the NEW ASSOCIATION both should get Recognition from NVS, if NVS officials really have a bonafide intention for staff ,wants to forms  JCM with representative of two or more Associations of NVS,  so that the staff will have a peaceful , healthy and passionate commitment in this institution. Mind well NVS officials , its also important for the administrative officers to get Associations of NVS recognised to form JCM at the earliest. They cant prolong on any further excuse. They would have made Sh.T.PMani and Sh. L.B Reddy sit together, after all they were employees of NVS, called the office bearers of both groups and negotiated. If not came to terms, then Dissolved the office bearers of both associations. Based on only the forms received by them , given Recognition to AINVSA body with a conditional clause that a fair and free election to be held from bottom to top, ie Unit Secretary, State, Regional and CEC office bearers, promptly on getting recognition. Or if office bearers list needed then  one from each taken in equal proportion. NVS did not intervene but just made them do Membership campaign now and then. As of now assinged task of new Membership that they get more time of tenure to do arbitration of administration .

A message and request to all layman employees who are neutral, as well as enthusiastic office bearers of all factions, groups who want to do something for staff and make NVS a better and better institiution to  serve, that there are two associations, registered and recognised in KVS, Railways,etc. The staff is instead more benefited and lets expect the same here, in NVS.

DONT KILL TO THRIVE...CUT THOAT COMPETION has not yet begun.....we are humans.


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