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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


F.No.33/AIJNVPF/2012-13                                                                                 Dated 12th Feb 2013
       The Principals & staff of
       All JNVS
Dear  Sir/ Madam,
      At the outset let me take this occasion to convey the best wishes to all the employees of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, in their strong will to take up the task of ‘Indefinite strike’ primarily with an objective to achieve 1972 CCS Pension to all the employees who have joined prior to 1-1-2004.
     This being our legitimate right, let us use our strength at this juncture as for the past 2 decades we have been believing the Samiti and now there is no alternative to use our ‘Brahmastra’.
     During 2010 when the Secretary, Ministry of HRD had assured in written that the matter will be taken up with the Finance Ministry for an early decision, we all of us had respected the initiative of MHRD.  But to our utter dismay, not even an inch of progress was made by MHRD during the last three years with regard to implementing 1972 CCS Pension scheme.
     In the recent dharna that was held in front of the Office of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, all the participants unanimously taken a decision to declare a mass casual leave and indefinite strike with effect from  6th February.
    We are at such a situation of ‘do or die’.  Let me bring to you the recent developments.
     The Additional Secretary, Ministry of HRD had invited JAC representatives for a dialogue on 9th February Saturday.  The deliberations went on from 12.30p.m. to 6p.m. and further discussions continued.  All the demands were brought out in front of the Additional Secretary giving priority to introduce   1972 CCS pension scheme.  All  the points were presented by JAC team headed by Mr. V.L. Balasubramanian and a serious deliberation took place. 
     In this regard the Additional Secretary proposed to prepare another Cabinet note to get exemption for NVS to switch over from CPF to GPF arguing that for all technical purposes Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas were started during 1985.
     Observations of JAC:-  (a) Since JAC had given notice almost 40 days in advance, why is that the cabinet note was not prepared well in advance.
     (b) Why is that such a meeting was not arranged as soon as the notice was received?
     (c) This shows that there is no sincerity of purpose shown by Secretary, MHRD on behalf of Ministry to sort out our issues in spite of the fact that they themselves had promised to seriously take up the issue in 2010.
     (d) Now that the burocracy wants to somehow settle the strike in their interest sacrificing the interest of the employees.
     (e) All the more the Ministry is also not able to give in written that 1972 CCS Pension scheme will be implemented within a specified date. 
     Therefore with regard to the major demand of pension for all those who have joined prior to 1-1-2004, in the circumstances wherein no written assurance could be given by the Addl. Secretary, the discussions of JAC could not bring a positive result.  The Addl. Secretary requested the JAC to call off the strike as per the discussion.
     This request of Addl. Secretary was rejected by the JAC on 9th evening and informed the authorities that the employees will be continuing the strike. 
     With regard to issues other than pension the Addl. Secretary suggested to form various committees for detailed report.   
     Since few members of JAC like Mr. L.B. Reddy, Mr. J.K. Singh, Mr. Jagdish Roy, Mr. P. Rajesh could not attend the meeting on 9th February, they had discussion with Addl. Secretary on 11th February between 4.30 to 6.30 p.m.  This talk was also a failure as the Addl. Secretary could not offer anything more than  what was informed on 9th February. 
     Hence JAC has decided to intensify the strike and continue the same as there is no other option for the employees of NVS.
     We appeal all of you to continue with the indefinite strike till such time the Government opens their eyes to solve the issue especially with regard to the pension.
     The strategies to be taken immediately:-
1.      Please submit the enclosed representation to the respective members of the Parliament of your JNV signed by all the staff members immediately.  A delegation should call on the M.Ps /Ministers for this purpose.
2.      Please attend in large number the Maha Rally at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 14th February, 2013.
3.      Kindly call press conferences and give vide publicity.
4.      Continue to sit in  front of the school on dharna.
5.      Kindly sent such representations to the Prime Minister, President of India, Minister for HRD, and  Minister of Finance, Govt. of India.
6.      In  the next stage involve the Parents’ Associations to send similar representations to M.Ps and all Ministers mentioned in point 5.

It is once again appealed that all the employees should continue their personal influence with the Ministers concerned to settle our issue of 1972 CCS pension at an early date.

“ If you can’t do great things yourselves, remember that you may do small things in a great way.  We could do most things best by easing into them slowly.  Don’t be in a hurry. The best rule is ‘hasten slowly’ but be study in your pursuit.”

Plan out your work and work out your plans.  Success is ours.

With regards,

                                                                                    Yours Sincerely,
1.       V.L. Balasubramanian, President Principals Forum
2.       R.S. Naik, Secretary, Principals Forum
3.       Prabhakar Reddy, Member, Principals Forum
4.       Radhakrishnan, Treasurer, :Prin cipals Forum.

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