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Monday, March 28, 2016

Suggestions received by AINVSA for the Annual Transfer Drive 2016

  AINVSA mediates to convey the suggestions of staff regarding Annual Transfer Drive 2016  and the Transfer Data uploaded on NVS official website in this connection;  to N.V.S

The following are some of the suggestions received from the staff in connection with the Transfer data uploaded recently and to take into consideration if possible prior to releasing the Proposed Transfer list  2016 by NVS :

1.  The  Choice place should not be changed after the display of the Total Transfer data on NVS website on 15/3/2016. Howsoever, the new vacant places created  as a result of  allotting the places, should also be given a chance to opt for , by  the next category of employees  in hierarchy... from a) to j) category of NVS Hq Circular dated 22 Dec,2015  

2. Central Counselling at a place such as JNV Ratibad,Bhopal Region, would ease the matter, and decrease the delay due to next vacant places options created subsequently in every category of  transfers.. The transfer data should be brought to that central  place... different computer system in different rooms.The transfer aspirants to ask orally, those resultant vacant places as per their choice.  But  based on the transfer counts and  exception category etc and the authentic info  displayed in the software, in respect of each employee, the choice  places demanded subsequently  to be allocated., if eligible.

3. The medical certificate to be examined thoroughly, before declaring the proposed list for Medical grounds transfer cases. The discharge certificate and the case papers to be called forth...its reportedly alleged that fake certificates have been procured by a few  employees just to get transfers on that ground. . While, a few to save themselves from the deemed vacancy have filled fake medical certificates of themselves or their family. Hence proper document verification is must for Medical case get that previliges and only genuine cases to be considered or given that advantage. On the contrary disciplinary action to be initiated against those mavericks, and defaulters to curb this practice in future by any staff.

4. The spouse working in private firms have also been shown, though not working in that area.  The Samvidha Sikhsak ( Contract teachers) of MP have tried to include in State Govt Spouses and an attempt to gain +5 points.   Are those  contract teachers of Madhya Pradesh  State Govt  to be considered  at par with State Govt employees or not ,is not clear. Most probably not, but some of the JNVs have considered it as State Govt Spouses. Similarly, those working on contract basis for 11 months in any State Govt office or State Govt departments have attached the Certificate as Spouse working in State Govts to get those points...contract basis jobs in State Govt are not State govt employees at all.  A few to save themselves from displacement due to deemed vacancy shown in their place,  are getting certificates of their spouses working on contract basis of 11 months for medical officer or so , from Sarpanch  and  local political  bodies.  Whether on contract basis or regular basis should be clearly forced upon by NVS on those certificates.

5. The employees who have  worked in N.E and Hard station and have been transferred earlier or given their parent Region  should not be given  any edge,again. They have already availed the benefits of working in NE or hard station in their former request transfers. The column of worked earlier in N.E. or hard station and the details thereof is for not displacing them once again to N.E or hard station, and not for giving any advantage or preference to their choice place this time. Only those employees who are till date working in N.E. or Hard station are considered in that category and are first in hierarchy, and not those who have left those Regions or Hard Station..

6.NVS have  tried to accommodate even the spouses in the North East Region, saying that  they should be ready to be unified at any place. But the D.O.P.T circulars clearly states that first priority should be to accommodate in each other's place of posting,  or nearby places only...  Couples have left the organisation for ever, due to this approach  .Hence they should not be given an option to any far off place this time.. Deemed vacancies should be allotted to them as well , and  the provision of displacement transfers executed in the Transfer Policy 2012 utilised optimum for their unification.

7. The Deemed vacancies should be certainly  filled/allotted  , as per the hierarchy only.

8. The transfer policy 2012 very well substantiates that displacement transfers would be done to bring in the N.E and hard station employees,  for unification of spouses, for medical grounds  transfer seeking employees etc... Hence no locus standi for those who have worked for more than ten years at a station. There is no clause that those displacements would be seniority wise, rather as per the demand of that coveted place and the incumbent there could be displaced though there may be   seniors to him, in any other jnvs.

9 There are presently many employees working in their respective Home towns. They should also be displayed from their hometowns. The transfer data clearly displays it. These employees are trying to change their hometowns, or rather had  tried their level best to change it  on  one pretext or the other. Suggestions have come from their competitors/rivals and could create hurdles by them, in future, if this injustice not meted out.

10.The tranfers from other Regions should be given priority to those in the same Region.  The employees coming under deemed vacancies have filled their option  as choice places to their nearby deemed vacant places .  This would result in mutual transfer sort of thing, if they are given those places...initially. Hence their preference should be taken into consideration only after giving to those  priority wise of category decided earlier, and after those inter Region transfers; then only intra- Region be considered.

11. The deemed vacancy employees should be given a chance , if their desired place is vacant anywhere after allotting everyone as above.  Those who have not filled any option should be taken seriously for displacements as per NVS choice or as per the place decided in the said circular, while the remaining should be given their request choice place if it is vacant at the end.

12. Those who have worked more than 10 years are not eligible to displace anyone for their choice place. Its only that, they are eligible for request transfers and they would get their choice  place only after preference are given to all other categories, and if their desired place still  lies vacant actually or deemed one.

13. Those who have worked less than 10 years in a station, and don't come under the exceptional category of transfer counts, should also be given a chance of request transfer this time to those vacant places at the ultimate end of all type of transfers.

14. The suggestions from   N.E. employees and Regional Language teachers  have been mentioned earlier in this blog. (  )

AINVSA or NVS  cannot please all the people , all the time.  These are only suggestions , and  opinions  received by emails  to AINVSA, and views articulated in whats app chat-session of AINVSA whats app groups

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:    This is to declare that "The points above are just a compilation of the gist of  emails and messages received from JNV staff. AINVSA or the blogger has no any  say in it, and is in  no way accountable for the grievance or dissatisfaction  or resultant  repercussions, if any ,due to this" -BLOGGER

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