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Monday, November 23, 2015


Dear Navodaya Vidyalayas and NVSamiti employees,

Kindly open  and study the seventh pay commission report in detail.  Please voice your opinion, before its too late. Open the poll on the right side upper corner of this blog and vote, to know the majority and AINVSA will write to the Finance ministry immediately as representation for the same.

The recommendations would take about four months to finalise it.... and would be executed after finalisation of  FM in JULY 2016 or so reportedly.

A class have voiced their opinion by cell phones and whats app group that Teaching staff should do away with 10 % residential allowance as special allowance and ask for  8 hours fix work hours per day including all remedial, supervised and mess duties apart from daily academic hours.  The staff being in residential ambience are ready to work for extra hours in case of emergency or urgency willingly, when called upon provided it is urgent , without any allowance.

If you too are of the same opinion, or otherwise, kindly click and vote  in the poll of this blog.

Secondly write to your any other views about the 7 pay comm report within this week positively, before its too late.

AINVSA would write a strong letter citing our demands and representation.

                            HELP AINVSA TO SERVE YOU BETTER

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Anonymous said...

Please fix the working hours. Treate it most urgent.