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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

AINVSA Letter to the New Hon. Commissioner, NVS Noida


chandrashekhar tiwari said...

Nair sir all official are behave just like British rulars and treat us as azad desh ke gulam

Anonymous said...

Nothing has to change
Teaching is on Least priority work in All Navodaya Schools
Actually besides Housemaster Ship ( warden ) , House Registers , daily 4 - 5 times attendance , taking students to hospitals in odd hours , Mess duties , follwing worthless shdule to make students busy whole day( daily routine ) , class in charge related work , results , paper checking , teacher dairy etc u have to perform teaching.

Anonymous said...

Navodaya not run on rules. Study Ka drama hotta hai...but study Ke ellllawa sabhi kaam hote hain..... In reality Navodaya is big NOTAANKI