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Thursday, July 30, 2015

An APPEAL to NVS Hqrs to have soft corners to the deserving Candidates for Request Transfers

                                              An Appeal to NVS offficials

a) Spouse Case transfers to be given priority
The Spouses who have ardently applied for Request Transfers to a place where both the posts are vacant should invariably get the place of posting. Spouses should be transferred to a places where both the posts are created in any new established Vidyalaya.
NVS should have soft corners to those employees and try to unify them at the earliest in pursuance of the Relaxation of Transfer Policy , and Request Transfer Orders which are being issued recently and directions given to Regional offices by NVS Hqrs to that effect.  Some of the new created posts should also be filled by these deserving candidates who have a clean chit record and are sincere teachers, as spouses. They would be able to contribute more and more when they are united.
NVS ought not generalise and  have retribution towards them based on a few bitter experiences of  some erring spouses serving in NVS.
b) Medical cases cant wait: authentic cases to be given transfer orders 
Secondly Medical cases should also be  given relaxation of Transfer Policy 2012 and Request Transfers orders issued, preferably at the earliest at the beginning of the Academic year itself, in the interest of the students
                                                                                    -  AINVSA for Staff Welfare


Anonymous said...

Teachers who have served and completed the mandatory tenure in hard and difficult stations must also be given preference in transfers.
The mandatory tenure prescribed by NVS for serving in these notified stations is three years. But it is a matter of pain for these concerned teachers that even after serving for 4 to 5 years ; the samiti is not bothering at all for a legitimate step.

Anonymous said...

The practice of issuing non-legitimate transfer lists is giving birth to never ending grievances in victim teachers which consequently hampering their serious attention towards students and again it may cause bad effect on results.