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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


The JNV Employees, this year,  more than ever before, are waiting eagerly for Transfer News....More and more rumours crepts in all JNVs , due to NVS mystery in not disclosing the staff of the delay and an expected date  for the Proposed Transfer List 2016

The JNV employees had seen a silver lining in the cloud when at least all the transfer data had been uploaded by NVS in their official website. And when the last year's pending list of N.E and Hard station list 2015 had been materialied and made functional by transfer orders to the  respective Regional Offices by HQR letter dated 18/04/2016, a ray of hope was  seen that the proposed list of 2016 would also soon be released, but it lingers on and on to the mental agony of the staff..

NVS has already completed the list, but some technicalities remains... says the optimist. But the depressed ones, are vociferous and doubting once again NVS transparency and integrity in not disclosing about the delay in releasing the list  in their official website. The Transfer Order letter of NVS hqr  dated 18/4/2016 also not uploaded on the said website , creates  doubts in the minds of many...

NVS need to upload any transfer related information being sent to Regional Offices  in their official website to sustain the trust of the desperate staff... says the well-wishers of NVS, as  there is nothing confidential or official secrets act matter...  to  not to be disclosed in this transfer issue. On the contrary , NVS need to  be more  transparent, articulate and disseminate all the information for the smooth implementation or executions of Transfers..

Delays, if any, be disclosed as well,  in advance, to the mental relief of all employees.  Suspense and speculations crepting in , are only creating unnecessary stress to the employees . Subsequently, many unseen repercussions to this effect seen at the Vidyalaya level..

 If the employees are at peace, they work with more dedication, and NVS should restore the mental peace of the staff by intimating the latest updates of Transfer Matters in their websites and not giving a chance to mushroom rumours which are inadvertently affecting unknowingly and invisibly the smooth running of the JNVs in the country...

Its high time that NVS disclose the Proposed Transfer list 2016, as there is still time to rectify the  discrepancies found ,if any, in this list, as its a proposed one and not final. The staff wards admission, the closing of JNVs, the charges they are handling are related to this, and need contemplations before hand.

AINVSA humbly request NVS to release the Proposed Transfer List 2016, prior to  JNVs closing up for summer vacations, a few days ahead,  to alleviate the mental agony of the staff,  to give them time to wind up, for the smooth running of JNVs, to make them mentally prepared of their transfers etc  and mitigate the stress of a majority of employees, before the academic vacations starts ...

                                                                   - AINVSA for Staff welfare , a voice of all staff

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