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Friday, June 26, 2015

Minutes and Report of the AINVSA CEC Meeting held on 24 May 2015

Ref. No- AINVSA/2015/ 0011                                                                       Dated 01/06/2015



The CEC Members of AINVSA


Minutes and Report of the AINVSA CEC Meeting held on 24 May 2015

and with the Hon Commissioner on 25 May 2015

Delhi,24-05-2015:   In pursuance of the  Notice by Sh. T.P.Mani, calling forth the CEC members  of AINVSA to convene at New Delhi to discuss the Recognition and Future Plan of AINVSA,  a meeting  was  materialized.

1All documents claiming Recognition to AINVSA FurnishedThe meeting commenced with the briefings of Shri. T.P Mani, National President, AINVSA CEC. He showed the C.E.C Members present,  the letter addressed to him by the Hon Commissioner dated 16/4/2015 , F. No-6-2/2005-NVS (GA)/266  and that all the documents complied thereto and called for therein , was furnished by him to the Commissioner by post.

     All the C.E.C members brooded over the testimonials attached by Shri.T.P.Mani and gave their opinions thereon. The members were satisfied that Shri T.P.Mani had sufficient justifications and documents to substantiate and corroborate the authenticity of AINVSA.

2 .Original Certificate and latest Renewal Certificate with Shri T.P.Mani: Shri T.P.Mani showed the original Certificate of Registration to all the C.E.C Members, and the subsequent Renewals thereto from time to time. He further showed the latest Renewal Certificate of Registration dated 04-5-2015 and asserted that he was the sole owner of the Original Certificate of Registration of AINVSA bearing Reg. No K-492/494 and that nobody can claim or manipulate its ownership just by showing photocopy of the same.

     The C.E.C members conceded that there were good and sufficient reasons to claim Shri. T.P.Mani as the sole proprietor of  AINVSA, as he holds the original Certificate of Registration till date and had remitted the Memorandum of Association, Office bearers list, etc., prerequisites to the Registrar from time to time. Consequent upon this, the office bearers elected under his presence and leadership, endorsed by him were the only authentic and official ones. Nobody can convene any meeting or reshuffle CEC members, if not approved by the original owner of the Registration Certificate. Neither any one had any right or privilege to change the Head Office address of AINVSA or amend the Memorandum of Association.

3History of AINVSA- The Present Home Minister of Kerala, the first President of AINVSA: Shri T.P.Mani further showed different newspapers clippings of Malyalam and English dailies , periodicals, magazines and newspapers of yester years, such as 1994,1995, 1998 2000 etc wherein articles and snaps of  Shri. T.P.Mani were published , substantiating that Shri T.P.Mani was one of the authentic Central Executive Members  since an earlier date. He showed the photographs of his depicting as the General Secretary of AINVSA and the Present Home minister of Kerala State as the first President of AINVSA, published in one of the prestigious Magazines such as Manorama and Mathrabhoomi of Kerala State. The C.E.C Members vouched upon full support to Shri.T.P.Mani and decided to convince the Hon.Commissioner of the authenticity of Shri. T.P.Mani, convey the History of AINVSA, the sacrifice of Shri T.P.Mani and that he and the Office bearers espousing him deserves every right to get Recognition on the basis of Authenticity and real ownership.

4. Registrar – the touchstone method to know Real/Genuine AINVSA: The C.E.C Members were grieved that another faction was using the name of AINVSA, registration number and it was the bone of contention for the undue delay in granting Recognition to AINVSA. The members opined that   NVS should, and has already asked the Inspector General of Registration office the authentic documents i.r.o AINVSA . It was decided unanimously that AINVSA should not, and would not challenge the culprits or impostors in Court of Law, or Tribunal as it would consume more time   period  ; AINVSA on the contrary should expedite to get its Recognition by relying on the written briefs thereof by the Registrar to the Hon Commissioner. The Registrar was the sole person to give testimonials to that effect; and it would be proved soon that the Founder and National President of AINVSA Shri T.P.Mani is the ultimate genuine holder of AINVSA with all its CEC Members endorsed by him,  and privileges and immunity claimed therein, in its Bye-Laws.

5Old Pension Scheme call by Ex-Students Union: The CEC members expressed their disappointments that the Apex Court did not give a favorable decree in respect of CCS  Pension, GPF-Cum-Gratuity Scheme 1972 to NVS employees .It was decided that the ex-students be approached , to enhance and continue further this genuine demand of all Pensionable employees. The JNV ex-students union   should carry forward this demand of Old Pension Scheme and Medical facility after retirement, to their teachers. That the ex-students were, inter alia, empathetic to this issue  , and it would not bear any repercussions, if any,  on their career.

6. Sh.Devue Sinh  -the new Patron of AINVSA: It was proposed by Sh. M.K.Singh, Working President of AINVSA CEC that Hon .MP of Kheda  , Gujarat : Sh.Devue Sinh  be made the new Patron of the Association, to which all unanimously agreed to. The C.E.C Members like Sh Yogendra Sharma, Sh S.S.Nair, Sh M.K Singh etc had a telephonic talk with the Hon. MP, who accorded his approval thereto ; to be the Patron of this Association. He even recorded in writing his acceptance by email ,subsequently.

7 Acknowledgement of Nurse Staff Association’s succor to AINVSA and other issues: The A.I.N.V.S.A CEC Members expressed their deep gratitude to Smt Raj Bala, National President of  NVS  Nurse Staff Association and her spouse , for allocating the Venue and full support and help in Delhi, from time to time, especially to conduct the AINVSA CEC Meeting. AINVSA CEC members proposed a vote of thanks to them for creating a favourable Meeting Ambience in Delhi; they vouched that there would always be a cordial, warm and fraternity  attitude and rapport between the two associations, in the days to come as well.

Other issues were also discussed, but it was decided that Recognition issue should be given priority, this time, in the Meeting with the Commissioner,the next day.


Report of AINVSA CEC Meeting with the Hon.Commissioner,

NVS Head Quarters, Noida, U P. on 25 May 2015

1. The AINVSA CEC Members along with Shri. T.P.Mani met Shri G.S Bothiyal the Hon.Commissioner, NVShead Quarters Noida, U.P. in his chamberat 03. 30 pm. The Hon Commissioner chatted cordially with all the Members and assured to give Recognition to AINVSA. He was already shocked that two wings were running under the same name and bearing the same Registration, and when the same was highlighted by Bhopal Regional Office and asked to the Head quarters NVS Noida, that how could membership form bearing different office bearers and different head office but with a common name, were being filled by the employees ,the Head quarters NVS Noida felt it necessary to write to the Registrar to know the authenticity and the real ownership of the same. Documental evidences were called for from both the factions, to prove their genuineness by NVS Head quarter, NOIDA

2. The Commissioner, on seeing the Original Certificate of Registration, and  subsequent renewals thereto , the latest Renewal Certificate thereof done in May 2015, was convinced that Shri T.P Mani and his ilk were, undoubtedly, the genuine ones, but that the reply from the Registrar was awaited. NVS is, invariably, ready to give Recognition to 05 Associations, provided that they fulfill the necessary prerequisites and requirements of CCS (RSA) Rules,1993.

3. The Hon.Commissioner had a cellular talk with the Patron of AINVSA, Hon.MP of Kheda,Gujarat : Sh.Devue Sinh of BJP , whereupon the former assured him that AINVSA leaded by Shri T.P.Mani , was undoubtedly genuine and that they would get Recognition.

4. The C.E.C members such as Sh.A.K.Gaur, National Working President of AINVSA persuaded the Hon. Commissioner that AINVSA brand name was used by another group to fill the membership forms. AINVSA was one and only one Association and not two Associations. All the AINVSA forms should be taken as one, and membership forms thereof, irrespective of the tampered ones, be counted as one- - only for AINVSA leaded by T.P.Mani. If anyone has the confidence that he has got majority of Forms then he should register or rather get those norms in a different name and not in the name of AINVSA . The employees of NVS have filled the forms in the names of AINVSA and not in the name of any person, oblivious to the disputes or ownership issue. All the Membership forms received at NVS Regional office end, and forwarded to NVS Hqrs should be attributed to AINVSA of T.P.Mani which is a Unique one, as there is no federation.. Consequent upon this, AINVSA lead by Sh.TP Mani, also bears the majority.

5. The Hon Commissioner assured all the CEC Members present that NVS is on the verge of Recognizing the Associations, subject to certain terms and conditions as envisaged in the provisions of CCS(RSA) Rules,1993 .He further added, “among the disputing and dissenting groups, the genuine ones and those with majority would, invariably, get Recognition”.

6. The Hon Commissioner had a tete-a-tete with all present, and he expressed regret that the employees had missed out the CCS GPF- cum- Gratuity 1972 Pension Scheme.

 7. Other issues such as Transfer matters were also discussed at the end. He stated that the draft of Revised Transfer Policy had already been sent to the HRD Ministry for approval. The meeting culminated with his positive note that the administrative transfer of Sh.T.P.Mani, National President AINVSA CEC would be set- aside, as well. The meeting ended under an amiable ambience of tea-snacks refreshments.

8. The CEC members met other Headquarter officials, as well., on that day,  and received valuable tips to make AINVSA run smoothly  in pursuance with CCS(RSA) 1993 Procedure and get Recognition at the earliest; filling up a little bit lacunae and technical irregularities here and there.

   The following members were present in the Central Executive Committee (CEC) Meeting on  
   24May 2015 and on the succeeding day of Meeting with the Commissioner, on 25 May 2015:



1.      Sh. T.P.Mani, National President, AINVSA CEC

2.      Sh. Yogendra Sharma, Working President, AINVSA CEC

3.      Sh. M.K.Singh, , Working President, AINVSA CEC

4.      Sh. A.K.Gaur, , Working President, AINVSA CEC

5.      Sh. K.K.Singh, , Vice President, AINVSA CEC

6.      Sh. S.S.Nair, Deputy Gen.Secretary ,AINVSA CEC

7.      Sh. Gajendra Yadav, Deputy Gen.Secretary ,AINVSA CEC

8.      Ms. Mary K.P , Treasurer, AINVSA CEC

9.      Sh. Saji , Office bearer Kerala SEC

10.  Smt Raj Bala, National President, Staff Nurse Association


                                                                  Yours Sincerely  



                                                                                 T. P. Mani,

                                                                     National President AINVSA)

                                                              JNV Kottarakkara, ETC PO.  Kollam- Dist.

                                                             Kerala- 691531. (Mobile – 09447332341)                                                                                                                                                       



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