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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

NVS against Teaching fraternity.

It seems that NVS officials, especially Hqrs are against the teaching community of JNVs. They are fooling all the staff by releasing a draft proposal of Revised Transfer Policy 2012, and then not executing it, though the Request Transfers of 2014 was delayed due to the pendency of amendment only.

The HRD ministry had asked NVS to amend the Transfer Policy 2012 as there were some loopholes in it, especially the dearth of Transparency, ambiguous words such  as Normal tenure, instead of mandatory tenure etc.., HRD  had suggested NVS to include staff side opinion also. Most of the Cenrtal Govt departments had 5 years as minimum tenure for getting transferred, whereupon NVS had unnecessarily prolonged to 10 years for the Teaching Fraternity..

It was directed upon NVS to amend its existing policy, and the execution of Transfers were delayed, or rather withheld , kept in abeyance for that matter. NVS framed a rough draft of Transfer Policy, changing only a little bit., but especially reducing Normal tenure for Plain Areas as 5 years for the Teaching Fraternity, and a bit Tranfer count points enhanced,  in the month of November 2014., known as Rough draft of Revised Transfer Policy of 2012., asking the staff to give suggestions.
                             SUGGESTION BY STAFF /AINVSA


   AINVSA appreciated it and most of the staff accepted it... but opined to have Transparency in Administrative and Public interest transfers and to execute only after the  initiation , constitution and completion of Disciplinary Proceedings, only when the incumbent for Admin transfer is held culprit by the Disciplinary Committee.
                                DISPLACEMENTS FOR UNIFICATION OF SPOUSES
Secondly to execute Displacements in order to unify Spouses as per the Circular of  Union of India to all Govt deptts.

Howsoever, NVS even after the passage of 4 months or so has not consolidated the Suggestions received from Staff side , associations etc , nor finalised its own Rough draft of Revised Transfer Policy. Then why did it ask for suggestions from all JNVs, despite AINVSA suggestions for Transfer Policy already submitted much earlier personally by the AINVSA Delegates, as representatives, at NVS Hqrs .

 NVS this year 2015  released Request forms for all category of staff, except the Teaching staff. Though it released ,later on,The  REQUEST TRANSFER FORMs at last in  the month of April, 2015 it has not put the consolidated final Transfer list of last year, 2014  kept in abeyance for one year, as promised of putting the final list  in website in the first week of April,2015 ---which would have helped the teaching fraternity to know the vacancy position, in line with the  Request Transfer Forms for Principals. The request transfer list 2014 was kept in abeyance only,  not to disturb the mid session, alibi given by NVS is utterly false as the Forms were already filled in time by the employees then why it got dilly dallied? Admin transfers and Hard station transfer list were released in the mid session  but not the Request Transfer list, any guess? Does the former lists not disturb the academics in mid session ?

Why NVS does not want Teachers to be happy and work with full tempo and enthusiasm is not clear... Though everyone were happy and appreciated the Rough Draft of Revised Transfer Policy, why it has not finalised it and labelled it as REVISED TRANSFER POLICY 2014. Why it has not put the Final Transfer list of Teaching staff prior to  releasing the Request forms for teaching staff, envisages that NVS is against the Teaching fraternity.

AINVSA requests NVS officials to have cordial relationships with the Teaching Fraternity of NVS , think of their welfare measures, as undoubtedly they are the majority and the bread winning cult of NVS because of whom students retain in all JNVs...; they bring the good  results of CBSE and saves NVS from embarrassments.

 AINVSA implores NVS to circulate a circular immediately for the execution of "Revised Transfer Policy 2014"  with immediate effect and remove the prejudice of the the Teaching Fraternity,. prior to the Request Transfers forms 2015 consolidation procedure.


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