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Monday, April 13, 2015

AINVSA's letter to the Commissioner for implementation of Revised Transfer Policy with immediate effect

Ref. No- AINVSA/2015/ 010                                                              Dated 11/04/2015


The Commissioner,
NVS, B-15, Sector -62, Institutions Area,
Noida, UP. 

Sub:  Implementation of “Revised Transfer Policy “framed in Nov, 2014 with immediate effect; a corrigendum circular be passed to this effect.
Respected Sir,
This is to bring to the kind notice of your Highness, that the proposed draft of Revised Transfer Policy dated 13-11-2014 is hereby acknowledged, more or less, by all the staff of NVS ( )
AINVSA appreciates NVS for taking the pains for the draft ; normal tenure be construed as 5 years  for Request transfers in Plain Region and  10 years for Displacement/Admin/Public Interest Transfers, tenure be counted till 31March instead of 1 January etc; and emphasize  that only two additions be made as under:
i)                    Instead of ‘Preliminary Inquiry’ for Administrative Transfers, ‘Disciplinary Proceedings’ be constituted under CCS (CCA) Rules for the accused, and on the basis of the findings only thereof, Administrative Transfers be brought into effect.

ii)                   Displacement Transfers be invoked for Unifications of Spouses, and the Circulars of DOPT i.r.o Unifying couples be made into effect in NVS as well, with immediate effect.

A  corrigendum circular be passed by NVS , after taking approval of the HRD Ministry, for the implementation of ‘Revised Transfer Policy’ consequent upon the Final draft of the same ,to the Transfer Orders List of year 2015 to be released in the days to come. 

Ammended Transfer Policy should not be deferred by one year   at any cost, which would be detrimental to the interest of the JNV employees.

This is in pursuance of the request from all JNV employees, especially the Transfer aspirants of the year 2015, spouses awaiting for unifications, etc.

Thanking You

                                                                            Yours faithfully 

                                                                                T. P. Mani
                                                                (National President AINVSA)

                          JNV Kottarakkara, ETC PO.  Kollam- Dist. ,Kerala- 691531. (Mobile – 09447332341)                                                                                                                                                       




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